NFL Kickoff – Game Ticket Invitations

Are you ready for some football?!?! Call the guys, grab the beer, wings, chips and order a pizza! Pre-season is over and the NFL 2010 season kicks off tonight with the New Orleans Saints hosting the Minnesota Vikings. At InvitationBox we’ve got football fever and can’t wait for the football season to start.

Ready to grab tickets for the next upcoming game? Perfectly coordinating with football season, one of our newest vendors, Special Event Ticketing, has a unique line of personalized ticket invitations made especially to look like the tickets you’d get at a football field, ball park or sporting event. These tickets are true to size at 2 x 5.5 inches and feature a perforated edge for a reply card and authenticity. “NO REFUNDS NO EXCHANGES” is pre-printed on each ticket below your main ticket wording. Each text field is easily editable for your party text and details and the best part is that your online proof is instant to allow you to see exactly how your ticket will look when printed. Be as creative as you want, just like our proofed NFL Kickoff ticket sample below.

Each ticket is available in a variety of colors from red to green, orange, blue, purple, silver, pink or purple. We also have coordinating colored envelopes to make your invitations pop in the mail. You can even authenticate your ticket with a plastic pouch and lanyard for true VIP Sports status. These ticket invitations are unique, totally new and will certainly kick-off your sporting event and amp up your guests for a great event ahead.

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