Extra Postage for Invitation Envelopes

When mailing square envelopes, envelopes over an ounce or a bulky envelope you’ll need 20 cents of extra postage over the typical 44 cent stamp. Most post offices sell 10 cent stamps which makes for an unsightly mess of an envelope having two green 10 cent stamps along with a differently designed 44 cent stamp. It creates quite a busy mess with three non-coordinating stamps on a wedding or corporate invitation ensemble.

The United States Postal Service has just recently answered our prayers by creating a brand new stamp series of 64 cent postal stamps! First unveiled at the NY National Stationery Show, these new extra postage stamps feature a monarch butterfly – quite an improvement from their last dolphin stamp or the three extra postage stamps to mail your large envelope. These butterfly stamps will begin to appear in retail stores mid-summer and we are hoping to see more designs in the coming months.

So say ‘goodbye’ to the old days of purchasing two different kind of stamps to mail one invitation, and say hello to these beautiful stamps that truly ‘monarch’ a new kind of stationery mailing.

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