Party Invitation Timelines

We have been receiving a plethora of calls lately on party invitation timelines…questions on when to order and send your invitations out and what pre-notice timeline is required for each type of party. With so many questions pouring in I thought I’d do a quick reminder-blog to help you know when is the right or wrong time to send out an invitation.

Casual party invitations, like a kid’s birthday, adult birthday, pool party, bbq or small get together, should be sent anywhere from 1-3 weeks prior to the event. Kids birthday parties can be sent on the lower end, (1-2 weeks), of the scale, where an adult event should be sent at the higher end of the scale, (at 2-3 weeks). The thought behind this is that you want to give your guests enough time to reserve your party date, but not so much time that your invitation gets pushed in with the junk mail and forgotten. Set your RSVP date for one week before your party, or just a few days, depending on how much you need to plan ahead.

Formal party invitations, corporate party invitations and holiday party invitations can have a bit of a longer invitation time. We typically suggest 3-4 weeks prior to the event, or longer if the event is extremely formal. Also, if you are hosting a corporate event you will want to make sure you give any out of town, state or country guests plenty of time to prepare to attend your event. Set your RSVP date for 1-2 weeks prior to your event, remembering that if you are hosting a large event you will need to give yourself a few extra days to contact any guests that did not RSVP. Yes, there wil be guests who do not RSVP.

Wedding party invitations should be mailed 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding. This is our longest invitation mailing timeline. The thought behind this is that many guests will be from out of town and will need to make travel arrangements. Also, as it is such an important event, you want to make sure as many guests are able to attend your event as possible. For those hosting a destination wedding, the invitations may be sent out even further than 6-8 weeks.

Use your judgement on when to send out your party invitations. Keep in mind when your caterers need to know who is attending, how formal your event is and how many people you’ll be inviting. The larger the event, it may be better to send your invitations ahead to make it easier on your party organizing. Last minute party planner? Don’t fret…you can always call or email your guests to inform them of your upcoming party and then send a formal invitation a week prior to the event. Nobody will think twice!

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