DON’T WAIT – Order Your Party Invitations Ahead!!

We’ve all been there…two weeks before your party date and the host decides she is no longer the host and you’re left with hosting a party in little to no time and don’t even have invitations yet! Or, it’s the case where you’re so busy that you completely forgot to order invitations and the party is just a few weeks away!

I thought I’d write a blog today in light of so many phone calls we’ve been receiving lately about parties in less than a week or two or questions about our processing times. When shopping at, all of our products have different processing times depending on the vendor, location of the vendor, card stock quality or method of printing chosen. For example, a light weight or digitally processed card will have a much shorter processing time than a layered card with thermography (raised) printing. When shopping online, click on the blue and white “Delivery Time” tab which will show you the processing time for the item, plus a UPS map to indicate how long shipping will take once your order is in transit. The delivery time tab also explains that if you have a proof, your processing time will begin after your proof approval.

A good rule of thumb is to order your invitations approximately three weeks before you want to mail them out. This will give you time to choose the perfect invitation, go through our proofing process and wait for your invitations to be shipped to you. You will then need to allow yourself time to stamp, stuff and address your envelopes, and time for your guests to receive their invitations!

Moral of this story? The early bird gets the worm! Planning ahead can save you a few headaches when ordering invitations and can also ensure that you have an un-stressed party planning experience. It will also save you a plethora of money on expedited services such as rush processing or upgraded shipping fees. Not you? No problem…if you’re late on the ball, feel free to call our customer service and they can point you into the right direction in receiving a quick-ship order that can arrive to your door in just a few short days.

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