Chic & Sassy Halloween Party Invitations

Forget the ghosts and goblins…WITCHES rule Halloween on this creepy night! Perhaps you’re not ‘coupled up” or you simply need a night away from the boys or the kids…Halloween is the perfect time to get together with your girlfriends and boil up some notorious trouble!

Our vendors have been designing the sassiest Halloween invitations yet this year which will be perfect for your Halloween girls night out! When planning your spooky girls night, ask everyone to come as they aren’t! Choose to dress up as a themed group or have each girl be creative and go out on her own to create a fun, spooky, sassy or sexy Halloween costume. Ask all of your friends to bring their costumes to the host’s house so that everyone can get ready together, help each other with makeup and sip on some creepy cocktails while doing it! Below I have listed a fun Halloween cocktail recipe for you, which I found on, called the Bayou Slime

halloween party invitationsThis ‘toxic’ and creepy cocktail is an interesting concoction which resembles a muddy swamp yet tastes similar to a yummy mojito! What could be better? Mix 2 parts Cruzan Dark Rum with 6-8 fresh mint leaves, 1/2 spiced cordial syrup and one egg white – yes, an egg white! The egg white actually creates the foamy white layer you see at the top. Shake all ingredients together and top with the mint leaves and have a fun cocktail to share!

When planning your girls Halloween night, decide if you want to party in the safe indoors or venture out into the spooky city to party at the bars, restaurants or see a concert. Choose a fun and girly Halloween invitation which coordinates with your party style and personality. Below are some of our favorite girls-only Halloween invitations…

halloween party invitations

Got a fun or wild girls night Halloween party idea or story to share? Post it here and let us girls in on your fun and spooky Halloween night adventures!

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