Holiday Party Invitation Ideas: White Elephant Exchange

Brand new holiday invitation designs are pouring into InvitationBox just as fast as we’re putting them out. While browsing through our brand new designs I found a holiday party invitation design for a holiday party theme I was not extremely familiar with and HAD to share. It’s called a White Elephant Exchange Party – the term “white elephant” sounded familiar to me, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it meant. After doing some research, I found a really cool party idea that can add some spark to your next holiday event.

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A white elephant gift exchange is also known as “Yankee Swap”. Traditionally a white elephant is known as a gift item lying around your house that is not valuable, something that is unattractive or an item you’d like to re-gift as it was an unwanted or unuseful gift…basically the gift that keeps on giving because nobody wants to receive it! A white elephant gift is pretty much a gag gift or something undesirable. When hosting your white elephant gift exchange party you can ask your guests to bring a gag gift or an actual fun gift to exchange or swap with the other guests.

How to play…
Ask each guest to bring the following…
-Give guests a party theme for their gift (holiday, liquor, household items, etc.)
-Advise a price range for the gift
-Ask guests to wrap gift with wrapping paper or a gift bag
-Put small gifts or gift cards in an envelope (sealed)
-Do not put a gift tag stating who the gift is from

How to play…
-Have everyone sit in a circle around the pile of gifts
-Choose numbers to see who goes first, go clockwise or start from youngest to oldest
-On the first turn, player # 1 chooses a gift and unwraps it
-On the second turn, player #2 may take player #1’s gift or choose a new gift. If #2 steals, #1 gets to open a new wrapped gift.
-On the third turn, player #3 may steal from 1 or 2 or open a new gift
-The exchange ends when the last player steals or opens the last gift.

Sound like a party you’d like to host? We think this idea would be great for adult holiday parties or even corporate parties for small to medium sized groups. Noteworthy Collections has even come out with a white elephant exchange party invitation to match! Check out the brand new design above which will be available at in the upcoming week!

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