Surprise Party Invitations & Ideas

surprise party invitationsPlanning a surprise party can be extremely fun, sneaky and rewarding for the honoree! However, they can also be a very daunting task in which the host is trying to plan a fun event without anyone knowing while trying to make sure that nobody spills the beans! At one of our most popular adult birthday party themes that we see are surprise birthday parties. Most are for big birthdays for those celebrating their 30th, 40th or 50th birthday parties, yet we’ve even seen some teens host surprise birthday parties for their 16th or 21st birthdays.

Below is a fun list of helpful tips to assist you with planning a surprise party:

1 – Keep it to yourself! If you want the party to remain a secret, it’s best not to share too many details with friends or guests.

2 – Have your guests arrive about thirty minutes before the honoree is set to arrive. This way any late guests will be inside the surprise location prior to the party time.

3 – Give plenty of instructions! Let guests know where to park, when to arrive and when the honoree is arriving so that nobody ruins the surprise.

4 – Have food or drinks for guests to munch on before the honoree arrives.

5 – Work with the honoree’s significant other, parents or close friends so that you can coordinate how the honoree will arrive, be fooled, etc.

6 – Try to make the party location a place where the honoree typically attends so that nothing is suspected.

7 – Once the honoree has arrived and been surprised, give them time to visit with their guests but also remember that your guests have been at the party for a while. You can use this time as a host to prepare your meal, cake or refreshments.

8 – Mail your invitations out about 3-4 weeks before your event. You want to give plenty of time for everyone to attend, but not too much time that the secret is leaked!

Ready to plan your own surprise party? Check out our entire collection of Surprise Party invitations at InvitationBox. Have a story to share?! We’d love to hear what made your surprise party special, memorable or fun!

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