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Cookie Exchange Invitations

Monday, October 4th, 2010

One of my favorite parts of the holidays that I look forward to is baking Christmas cookies. We dig out my Grandmother’s old but famous recipes and plan a few long days of baking to take the cookies along with us to our relatives houses on Christmas Eve. This tradition is fun and really puts you into the holiday spirit, but also can be a very time consuming activity, especially if you’re making Christmas cookies to serve at a holiday party!

One of the newest trends among holiday party themes is a holiday cookie exchange. These parties are hosted so that everyone can spend a little time doing the fun part of baking Christmas cookies and at the same time, minimize the amount of time they are spending in the kitchen. At a cookie exchange, the host invites her baking-lover friends to come to the exchange with about 3-4 dozen of their favorite Christmas cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, dessert bars or other favorite holiday treat. Have each guest bring 3 dozen that are well wrapped or in separate containers and 1 dozen on a serving tray to share. Let each guest try each of the desserts and at the end of the night, each guest takes home 3 dozen desserts to share with their families or to serve at their next holiday party. Remember to ask guests to bring copies of the recipe of the items they’ve brought to share, just in case someone wants to recreate the recipe on their own!

When sending out invitations to your holiday cookie exchange you may want to choose one like the Noteworthy Collections Cookie Exchange Invitation shown in the top left corner of this article. This brand new design features a red and green background with three Christmas cookies at the bottom of the card in the shapes of a snowman, Christmas tree and gingerbread man. Pair this fun invitation with a matching square sticker which you can use as envelope seals for your invitation or as a baker’s seal to put on each of your cookie batches. Browse these fun invitations and stickers and more to host your own holiday cookie exchange!

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