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Back to Basics – Stationery

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Something caught my eye this morning as I was waiting for my computer to finish loading to start the day. I am always reading through the articles on my Yahoo feeds, however most are not blog-worthy in my eye. The article I stumbled upon today was very interesting and somewhat touching. The article was posted about a high school student in Florida who sealed a letter inside a bottle and dropped it into the Atlantic Ocean, hoping someone would find it and contact him to let him know how far the bottle had traveled. After just 16 short months the student’s school was contacted by a student and his father who had retrieved the bottle off of the coast of Ireland! The bottle is now being displayed at a nearby Irish pub for all to see. There had been other cases of people doing this very same thing, however the mileage the bottles traveled were much less distance and took quite a larger time period. Some of the bottle throwers/recipients still keep in touch to this day!

The article linked above truly gave me a warm feeling inside to think how in this day and age of email, facebook, twitter, etc. that we forget the art of writing someone a letter and the sentiment that goes along with it. Sending an email to say “thank you” to a friend or family member is appropriate and kind, however handwriting someone a letter sends a truly personal message to someone and really may brighten someone’s day. So the next time you need to send a quick note to say hello, thank you or ask a question, do things a little ‘out of the box’ and send a handwritten letter to your recipient. Whether they’re down the road, across the states or across the ocean in Ireland, you may just make someone’s day!