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Adult Party Invitation Ideas

Friday, October 15th, 2010

I’ve seen some crazy party ideas in my years in the stationery business, and I really thought I had seen it all. When processing orders today I saw a really unique party theme that at first I was like, “what in the world??, but then after doing some research, I found that it wasn’t such a strange party idea after all! So what’s this crazy adult party theme?

A WINE and WIG Party!

From what I’ve learned, a wine and wig party is a get-together with friends where wine and appetizers are served. It can be for an adults birthday party or simply a gathering for cocktails with friends. Each guest receives their invitation and is asked to wear a wig for entry. It can be an old wig that you dig out of the attic or garage from an old Halloween costume or you can go out to your local party store and pick out that hair color or hair do you’ve always wanted. With Halloween right around the corner, you may even be able to use the wig from this year’s costume as your entry attire. The idea behind this crazy party idea is that if your guests need wine to relax, why not also give them something to talk about and help them loosen up further?! The best part of the night will be seeing what wigs the men at the party choose. Award prizes for the craziest wig or the most natural looking wig.

I can’t say that we have wig invitations at, however we do have a plethora of wine party invitations to choose from. For a wine and wig party I’d suggest something more casual and cartoony rather than formal, however the choice is yours. Below are some of our favorite wine party invitations…

Have a crazy, unique or fun party idea to share? We’re always excited to hear about new party themes and create invitations to match!