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Kids Winter Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Monday, October 18th, 2010

For a child, having a winter birthday can sometimes lend to a dreary, chilly, snowy, party postponing time of year. Being a Christmas baby myself, I can remember a few birthdays when I was snowed in, friends were away on holiday or I didn’t seem to have much of a birthday celebration as the holidays were so close to my actual birthday. However, just because your child has a birthday in the winter months, when they can’t have a swimming, barbecue or water park party, doesn’t mean you can’t plan a fun party for them to enjoy! Embrace the cold weather and use some of the party ideas and winter kids birthday party invitations below to plan them the perfect wintery-weather birthday bash!

Ice Skating Party – Invite the kids out to the local ice skating arena or a local frozen pond for a day of fun! Have plenty of adults handy in case someone doesn’t know how to skate, and keep extra loves, hats and scarves in case the arena is cold. Serve up some warm hot chocolate with your cake!

Snow Day Party – If you live in an area that is notorious for snowfall around your child’s birthday host an outdoor ‘snow day’ party where you can create fun games and contests for snowball fights, fort building and snowman building. If you plan for snow and don’t see any snowfall in the forecast, remember that you can always rent a snow machine for the day.

Slumber Party – If it’s just a bit to cold to hang out outside, kids that are over the age of 5 or 6 can plan a slumber party where they celebrate the winter inside! Plan movies and popcorn, build your own snow globe crafts, pizza, telephone tag and dance contests. If your child wants to create his/her own slumber party but is a bit too young to do the overnight thing, have each kid dress in their jammies and end the sleepover at 9 PM.

If you’re planning a kids winter birthday party, be sure you have a fun wintery invitation to coordinate. Below are some of our newest and most popular kids birthday party invitations…

Have a favorite winter birthday party theme or idea to share? The winter may be dreary at times but it’s certainly fun to brighten things up with a fun winter party for everyone to participate in!