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Holiday Party Invitations on a Budget

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

The holidays are a fun time of year full of gift giving, festive holiday parties and events and fun holiday activities that we all love and look forward to every year. And we all know that the months after the holidays can sometimes be filled with piles of bills and high credit card statements. How will this tough economy affect you and your family this holiday season?

Let’s face it, the economy is horrible this year. But when you think about it, the economy can be bad, money can be short and tight but the holidays still happen; everyone still has a baby, couples still get married and your child still has a birthday that needs to be celebrated every year. Maybe you’ve cut back on the amount of extra activities you do, stopped going to Starbucks five days a week and brew your coffee at home or cut back on your training sessions at the gym. However you do it, we understand that even though times are tough you still want to celebrate what is important – life!

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holiday party invitations

Need some extra tips on how you can save over the holiday season? Here are some great tips to help you have a festive holiday, on a limited budget:

-Reuse or recycle your wrapping paper, or use newspaper or a fun box

-Book your airline tickets far in advance for lower rates

-Take advantage of after-holiday sales and save for the next holiday season

-Stay with friends or family when traveling rather than racking up nights at a hotel

-Purchase blank stock invitations or holiday cards rather than having them printed, and print them from your home computer

-Research your newspaper for fun, local and non-expensive holiday events to share with your family

-Team up with a child’s friend or sibling for birthday parties and host two events in one

Got any ideas for party planning, holiday celebrating or birthday planning for us economy-conscious people? Feel free to share, as we all need to stick together during this tight-budget time of year.