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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Invitations

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Remember the Christmas when your Great Aunt or Grandmother gave you what she thought was the coolest gift EVER, and it turned out to be some pom-pom, light-up, sound-making and glittery ugly Christmas sweater? You put on your best I-Love-It face to please her, but at the same time contemplate throwing it into the wood chipper in the back yard? But for Grannie’s sake, you hold onto it for sentimental reasons and pray she never asks to see you wearing it!

The newest holiday party craze for those in their late 20’s – 40’s is an Ugly Christmas Sweater party! It gives you a chance to dig out your ugliest holiday duds and put them to good use! Don’t have a sweater to wear? Don’t hesitate to check the back of your mom or dad’s closet. My parents always seem to have a unique holiday sweater hanging up, my mom is a teacher, after all! At an ugly Christmas sweater party you ask everyone who attends to come wearing their ugliest Christmas sweater, the more holiday-oriented, glittery, lit up or holiday colored, the better! This party is a TOTAL photo-op from start to finish. Keep the cocktails flowing heavy and you’ll have some great memories to share and view in the days following.

To coordinate with your party, our vendor, Red Leaf Papers, has created their very own unique Ugly Sweater holiday invitation. This festive invitation, shown below, features an off-center red and green background with four ugly Christmas sweaters on showcase. The back of the card features a preppy red argyle-inspired pattern, which looks like a quilt or sweater design. Pair the invitation with a coordinating ugly sweater reply card or square sticker to really set the bar high!

christmas party invitations

Got any fun Ugly Christmas Sweater party ideas, suggestions or photos to share? Email them to us! We’d love to see how you and your friends ‘got down’ with your Grandma’s favorite sweater!