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Holiday Gift Tags

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

holiday gift tagsIt’s that festive time of year!  We’re all busy shopping for gifts for our loved ones and pretty soon we’ll be sitting down for a few hours of present wrapping while watching Hallmark holiday movies that make us cry!  Wrapping presents is one of the things I enjoy doing during the holidays and I try to pick out different wrapping paper for each of my family members and friends according to what they like.  Winnie the Pooh for the cousins, Disney Princess for the nieces, traditional old-style Santa Clause patterns for my parents and so on. 

We also do a fun game in our house where we put a Christmas Clue on each of our gift tags that gives a hint as to what is in the package.  Some of the hints are easy and others are hard.  The goal is to stump our dad every year, and without fail, he typically figures all his clues out!  When shopping for gift tags, you may be surprised to know that at we offer a full line of holiday gift stickers and holiday gift enclosure cards!  Available fully customized, you can put your own custom holiday greeting on the gift tag and sign it with your name or family name. 

The holiday gift tag designs are adorably cute this year and are extremely festive, of course.  Choose from fun snowflake patterns that look like gifts and presents, go with a classic damask or ribbon design or be traditional with a Santa Clause or Gingerbread Man design.  Below are some of our favorite gift tag designs for the holiday season…

holiday gift enclosure cards

These holiday gift gags are also great for those who celebrate Christmas and Santa with their children.  For those who have kids that can recognize Mom and Dad’s handwriting from a mile away, you can personalize your own “Santa’s” gift tags that say “To: Susie” “Love: Santa”…and they’ll never know it’s you!  These cards are also great for use on holiday gifts to co-workers or neighbors where all you need is a quick note on the outside of their present to wish them a happy holiday season.  Some of the holiday gift tags are also available with mini envelopes for addressing, however they cannot be mailed. 

Ready to wrap?  We are too!  Check out the entire collection at!

Cyber Monday Holiday Invitation & Greeting Card SALE

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Welcome back, blog readers! I hope everyone is relaxed and rested after their long Thanksgiving weekend! It’s Cyber Monday here at, which is known to be the largest internet shopping day of the year for online businesses! To celebrate this “web holiday”, we’ve put up some great sales, discounts and promotions on our website to help you kick off your holiday shopping!

Valid online only, today all customers will receive free Ground Delivery on all orders. This saves you up to $7.95 on each order you place with us. We also have super coupon codes available for a limited time which will save you anywhere from 5% to 15% off!!! Each coupon is limited to the number of customers that can use it, so hop online asap to make sure you receive the highest discount! We already offered 50% and 20% off to six lucky customers this morning! There’s a few more left in the 15% spot! Click HERE to view all of our great coupon codes!

On top of all the great coupon codes you can use today, we also have a few Super Sale Items which are on sale for Cyber Monday.  These items have been discounted on top of the great sales we note above for a double discount.  We have an array of holiday cards, photo greeting cards, stuffed animals, interactive Sesame Street toys for kids, baby gift items and more.  Below is a preview of some of the great items included in the Super Sale:

clearance invitations

Remember that the holidays are now quickly approaching! is a great place for all of your holiday needs!  From baby gift items to holiday stationery, holiday photo greeting cards, holiday party invitations and holiday stickers, we are your one-stop-shop during the holiday season!

Business Appreciation Holiday Cards

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

It’s that thankful time of year again and Thanksgiving is just two days away!  Now is the time to visit with your family, friends and co-workers and let them know just how important they are to you and how thankful you are to have them as a part of your life or business!  In light of the Thanksgiving holiday being only days away, I thought it would be appropriate to show our readers some of the great Business Appreciation cards we have available for the rest of the holiday season.

Business appreciation cards are a great way to let your clients, co-workers or employees know that you recognize their efforts and hard work ethic over the past year.  It’s also a great way to network and get your business name out if you’re sending your cards to clients of the past or future.  Your holiday card will help build company appreciation from your employees and make your employees feel like they are appreciated.  It’s always a mood booster here at when we’re recognized by our customers or our business owners for the hard work we put into our jobs. 

Above are some of our favorite business appreciation cards.  Personalize the inside of the card with your company name, an inspirational holiday message or your corporate logo.  You may even want to have your team of managers sign each card personally.

Ready for the holidays?!  We are too!  And from all of us at, we want to wish you a very happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving! We are truly thankful for YOU, our loyal customers!  See you after Turkey Day and be sure to take use of our great savings coupons on our homepage!

Celebrate Thanksgiving – Greeting Cards

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

thanksgiving invitationsThanksgiving is now just  three days away, can you believe it?!  If you haven’t purchased your turkey yet, better run out to the store and pick one up before it’s all picked over!  I know I’ll be picking up a few last minute things tonight from the grocery store.  Thinking about planning my own Thanksgiving dinner, my friends and I were talking about the traditions we assume everyone has until you discuss with others who have other holiday traditions.  I was thinking, what are the most popular Thanksgiving foods and dishes that America serves up once a year on this fall holiday?  Daily Press served up a great list of top 10 foods for Thanksgiving this year and I was very surprised to learn that stuffing made the list before the turkey even did!!!  

Below is a fun list of Top 10 for Thanksgiving…maybe a food will spark an idea and help you to create a new Thanksgiving tradition…

From most to least popular:

-Stuffing – dry, crumbly, heavy…we all love stuffing
-Turkey – roasted, deep fried…it all makes you sleep but it tastes soo good
-Mashed Potatoes – with a healthy helping of gravy, who can resist
-Ham – because not everyone likes turkey
-Cranberry Sauce – some like it jellied, others whole and made from scratch
-Pumpkin Pie – homemade or store bought, delicious
-Rolls or Bread – crescent rolls are my family’s favorite
-Sweet Potatoes – whether in a casserole or a dish, a nice sweet dinner contrast
-Green Bean Casserole – a new family favorite that transforms the typical bean
-Turduckhen – a new turkey favorite that combines the turkey, duck and hen into one meaty bird

Hungry yet?  Remember after your Thanksgiving dinner to take some great snapshots of your family to cherish over the next year and to include on your Thanksgiving or holiday greeting cards.  The whole family will be together, festively dressed and it’s a great time to snap a photo. Our Thanksgiving photo cards are fall themed with your photo being the main focus of the design. We also have holiday digital photo cards which will add a little joy to your family and friends.

thanksgiving photo cards

Let your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers know you’re thankful for them this holiday season!

Noteworthy’s NEW Snap Stamp

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Completely changing the world of self-inking stamps, this brand new product has evolved the traditional stamp.  Forget about the mess of trying to change an ink cartridge, stamp face or purchasing multiple stamps for all of your stamp face designs.  The Noteworthy Snap Stamp is one of our favorite new products.

You now have the option to purchase a stamp base once, and then purchase multiple stamp faces separately so that you don’t end up with 10 stamps sitting on your home or office shelves.  The Snap Stamp uses magnetic technology which uses a magnet to hold your stamp face onto the base securely and easily to create a straight, clean impression every time.  The Snap Stamp also accommodates circle and square stamp designs so that there is no need for multiple stamp bases for different styles of stamps. will now be offering the Noteworthy Snap Stamp in a variety of ways.  Purchase the base with the coordinating stamp face of your choice.  Purchase a stamp face by itself at a discounted price if you already own a base.  Or, a great gifting item, choose the Snap Stamp Gift Box which gives your recipient a fun box with a stamp base inside.  Along with the base is a coupon code for your recipient to go to a website to choose their own Snap Stamp face design from the 900 stamp face design gallery.  The recipient’s customized stamp face is then mailed to them at NO COST!  It’s a great way to give your friends a gift that they can personalize all on their own!

Not sure which stamp face to choose?  The large collection of stamp designs has a little something for everybody, from collegiate designs with mascots or school logos to Greek stamps, everyday stamp designs and holiday designs.  You can also purchase extra accessories for your stamper including ink pad refills, liquid ink refill bottles or stickers for your stamp.  Check out the entire collection of Noteworthy Snap Stamps at!

Digital Photo Holiday Cards

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

christmas photo cardsThanksgiving is a week away from today!  I can’t believe how time has flown by this year!  I still haven’t even bought my turkey yet!  Thinking about Thanksgiving right around the corner makes me start to think about the holiday card I’ll send out to family and friends this year.  When I was a kid, we always sent a photo card to everyone, but a traditional one with a self-adhered photo.  I remember going to Wal-Mart or the local photo shop to have 100 photographs copied, meaning we spent a lot of money…not only on the holiday cards but also on the photographs!  Technology has made photo cards easy for us nowadays, and we no longer have to spend countless hours using double-sided tape and trying to get our photographs onto our holiday cards perfectly even.  Digital holiday photo cards allow you to upload your holiday photograph to our website and we do the rest for you!  Your card is then printed with your holiday greeting and the photograph printed directly onto the card stock.  Simply address your envelopes, add a stamp and mail upon receipt!  Talk about easy.

Some of our newest digital photo holiday card designs this year look like the one above, where your photograph is the main background of the entire card!  Your holiday greeting is printed over the photograph as an accent, rather than the main focus of the card.  If that’s not your style, we also have digital photo cards with more traditional styles featuring large holiday greetings, traditional holiday icons like reindeer, polar bears, Christmas trees and snowflakes.  Is one photo not enough?  We also have plenty of photo cards that allow for multiple photographs.  This is great when you have a large family or want to include one picture of the family and several photos of your kids.

Below are some of our newest digital holiday photo cards

digital holiday photo cards

Browse the entire collection of digital holiday photo cards at  And remember, if you’re still quite happy with printing your photos and spending two hours with a glue stick, we understand tradition!  Be sure to check out our full line of traditional holiday photo cards and stick away!

NEW IB Designs Holiday Party Invitations

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Kids racing around the house going crazy, flour all over your counter tops and a cat climbing in your Christmas tree… Not your idea of holiday fun?  For those that prefer a more reserved holiday celebration during the December month,  IB Designs has introduced nine new elegant holiday party designs just in time for the holiday season.  Perfect for corporate holiday galas, black-tie holiday affairs, holiday weddings, semi-formal events or a classy holiday get-together with family and friends, these brand new holiday designs will really set the bar high for your upcoming holiday event.

Some of the newest designs include damask patterned backgrounds or screened backgrounds of floating champagne bubbles.  Those hosting a formal dinner party will revel at the formal chandelier designs that indicate to guests that the party is not your typical sit-down dinner.  We also have a unique cityscape design which looks like your favorite city under the falling stars…a classic invitation for a New Years Eve party!   Below is a sampling of some of our new holiday party invitation designs…

holiday party invitations

Still not sure which invitation suits you best?  Click HERE to view our entire Holiday Party Invitation Collection.  Remember that the holidays will be here sooner than you know it.  If you’re under a time-crunch don’t fret!  We have just lowered our rush processing costs to help you receive your order in time for the holiday season.  We also offer quick-ship options for cards that have fast turnaround times.  If you’re unsure what works best for you, contact our customer service and they can help you select the card that will work best for your event and your timeline!

Envelope Liners, Stock Upgrades & FREE Shipping

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

There’s always something new popping ‘out of the box’ at!  The best part of being a small company is that we care about what our customers think and are able to accommodate your suggestions and requests!  You’ve asked, and we’ve listened!  Our newest latest and greatest product offering is envelope liners for all of our North Carolina invitation and stationery products!  The liners are hand-lined by our specialists for each individual order.  Each liner is available in a multitude of colors to match your invitation.  We even offer damask patterns which will spice up the simplest of invitations.  Envelope liners are a great way to incorporate your party colors into your invitation design or draw out an accent color from your actual invitation.  Below are a few of the new envelope liner colors we have…

Envelope liners not your thing?  We also offer card stock upgrades for customers that want to add a little sparkle, elegance or depth to their invitations.  We are now offering upgrades to shimmer card stock for those who want a little shimmer or recycled stock for those who want to do their part in saving the world.  Photo cards will have an upgrade option to print on silk card stock rather than matte card stock, which produces a smooth photo finish without the shiny nature of a Kodak print.  If you like the card stock given, you can also always add a layered card to really make your invitation pop!

Keep your eyes peeled for more brand new innovations at!  And remember, we have a current promotion going on for free Ground delivery on ALL orders!

Reindeer Holiday Party Invitations

Monday, November 15th, 2010

reindeer invitations‘Tis the season!  The holidays are here and every year we are excited to see what will be the “IT” item of the holiday…what theme our customers will like best.  Last year the reindeer theme was one of our most popular themes and it appears that this party theme is still running strong this year!  Not to say that other trends won’t pop-up on us, but for those of you out there searching for the perfect reindeer holiday card, look no further!  Our reindeer party invitations are made in formal and informal themes, to help you set the tone for your event.  Most of our formal reindeer party invitations feature an ornate or elegantly patterned border of flowers or damask designs.  A sleek silhouette of  a reindeer will offset the design and thus bring the element of the holiday season into your design.  The reindeer graphic in the top right corner of this blog is actually an image taken from one of our more formal reindeer themed party invitations, called Deer Elegance, from Inviting Company. 

reindeer party invitations Need something a bit more casual?  Some of our most cheerful holiday party invitations feature holiday reindeer made to look like you and your friends on a wild and crazy holiday night!  The card on the left is our Drink’n Deer party invitation by Inviting Company.  This adorable invitation is perfect for those hosting casual holiday cocktail parties or a night open house during the holiday season.  The card features a hilarious drawing of three reindeer drinking cocktails with one hanging from a chandelier and the other wearing a lampshade on his head!  Sound like the ‘norm’ on your annual holiday bash?  If so, this one is definitely for you!  If you’re not so much into the drinking scene and simply want to celebrate this festive time of year in a casual manner, we also have reindeer themed invitations with whimsical cartoon reindeer designs, whether the party is for kids, adults or family gatherings.  We also have a few unique reindeer invitations with reindeer antler chandeliers, reindeer with ornaments hung from their antlers or formal filigree reindeer designs.

Not sure which holiday style is your favorite yet?  More and more designs are added each week so that you can create the perfect holiday party invitation to coordinate with your festive event.  Check out the entire holiday party invitation collection at!

Holiday Calling Cards

Friday, November 12th, 2010

I was surfing the Internet last night when I saw an article on my Yahoo feeds about one of my favorite non-holidays of the year…Black Friday!  This fun non-holiday is one of the largest shopping days during the year and I have to admit that I am one of those crazy people that heads out to Best Buy right after Thanksgiving dinner to sit it out in the cold to get the best deal on a computer, GPS, TV or whatever the latest electronic deal is.  The article pre-released a few Black Friday deals that we’ll be seeing at popular stores, and it made me start to think about my own holiday shopping that I haven’t even begun to ponder yet, even though gift-giving is one of my favorite parts about the holiday season! 

At we offer calling cards during the holiday season which are perfect to use as gift tags on presents, like the cool one above!  Attach them with tape, or tie a ribbon to one end of the card and the present so that you can see the designs on the front and the back.  These calling cards also are great if you have gifts for little ones who still believe in Santa but are old enough to recognize Mommy and Daddy’s handwriting.  Choose a holiday calling card and customize it with wording like “To __________”  “Love from Santa”.  You can choose different designs for each family member too, so that each person knows exactly which presents are theirs.  I’ll never forget the year that my Pop-Pop opened a gift that said “To Dad” from my sister.  It was a shirt and tie meant for our father, and he assumed it was his!  We felt so bad telling him that the gift wasn’t intended for him!

Below are some of our favorite holiday calling cards.  Each card is personalizable with your holiday greeting or gift message text and some of the holiday calling cards even have small coordinating envelopes available.

Remember that the holidays are right around the corner! At we have a plethora of holiday gift items, holiday calling cards like above, holiday greeting cards and holiday party invitations. Happy Holidays!