Thanksgiving Invitations & Traditions

thanksgiving invitationsThanksgiving is only three short weeks away!  I’ll never forget the Thanksgiving we had a few years ago when my uncle told us to go out into the driveway and get a peek at the turkey cooking.  My cousins and I looked at each other like he was crazy…how could a Thanksgiving turkey be cooked outside?  Turns out he was deep frying a huge turkey instead of roasting it, and decided to do it outside to cut down on the fry mess…crazy!

Thanksgiving traditions differ from family to family and I always love to hear a new story or idea for the holiday season!  Deep-fried turkey is a recipe/concept that started down south, (of course!!), which has grown in popularity ever since.  It gives a southern or barbecue flair to a traditional turkey taste and the results are simply crispy, juicy and delicious!  Small turkeys are best for frying, so typically about an 8 or 10 pound turkey.  If you have a lot of guests coming to dinner don’t worry, as the turkey only needs to be cooked for about a half hour or less, so you can make a few turkeys if needed.  Remember that the turkey does need to be completely thawed before frying!  You may want to get an outdoor fryer to reduce the mess you get from frying food.  There are also specifically made turkey fryers which do not require oil.  They use an infrared heat, similar to a gas grill.

When frying your turkey, remember to keep all children and pets away from the cooking area and to never leave the turkey unattended.  Make sure you cool the oil and dispose of it after use.  Old turkey oil is not good!!! 

While your mouth is watering thinking about the turkey you’ll be eating, remember that if you haven’t ordered your Thanksgiving party invitations yet it’s time to start browsing and ordering!  Invitations for Thanksgiving dinner can be sent anywhere from 2-4 weeks before your event, so you still have a little bit of time.  Our Thanksgiving party invitations range from formal to casual to cover all types of Thanksgiving traditions.   Below are some of our fun Tom-the-Turkey invitation styles below…

thanksgiving party invitations

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