Personalized vs Fill-In Invitations

One of the greatest things about having a stationery store near you or shopping online for your party invitations is that you can forgo the typical fill-in invitation or pre-printed generic notecard and replace it with a fully customized invitation or stationery card that is made specifically and uniquely for you!  When I grew up, I always used fill-in party invitations from the local Hallmark store…they were easy and cheap, but somewhat limited on style and there was no personalization allowed.  I never dreamed that these types of invitations would slowly become a thing of the past and that I’d be working for a company that makes it their business to give you a personalized invitation every time. 

One of the most common things I’ve noticed on formal invitations is that while we’ve gotten used to customizable invitations, we still see customers using words like “Date:” “Time:” “Location” written directly onto their invitations.  Thus kind of combining a fill-in invitation and customized invitation into one.  When we see text come across this way, we tend to hint to our customers that this information is necessary on an invitation, however the actual words, “Date”, “Time:” or “Location:” are not necessary.  They are implied by the text written on your invitation.  You don’t need to print the date on an invitation and then tell someone that what you wrote is the date…trust me, they already know!  It sounds silly, but it is much more common than you’d think!  So next time you’re writing the text for your customized party invitation, leave those little ‘text tag indicators’ off. Can’t get out of the fill-in mentality? Sometimes fill-in invitations are convenient and fun to use. We still have plenty of fill-in invitations on our website for all of those traditional stationery junkies out there!

One of the other stationery faux-pas we notice is ordering a thank you note for a bridal shower, wedding, birthday or formal event and printing “Thank You” on the front.  The thought behind having your own personal stationery made for you is exactly that, having it personalized just for you!  You can write your “thank you” message on the inside of the card, so it is not necessary to print “Thank You” on the front.  For the outside of the card, put your individual name, monogram or a fun phrase that’s unique to you.  If you’re paying for personalized stationery, you should receive personalized stationery.  Go ahead and put your name on the stationery so everyone knows it’s yours.

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