Holiday Calling Cards

I was surfing the Internet last night when I saw an article on my Yahoo feeds about one of my favorite non-holidays of the year…Black Friday!  This fun non-holiday is one of the largest shopping days during the year and I have to admit that I am one of those crazy people that heads out to Best Buy right after Thanksgiving dinner to sit it out in the cold to get the best deal on a computer, GPS, TV or whatever the latest electronic deal is.  The article pre-released a few Black Friday deals that we’ll be seeing at popular stores, and it made me start to think about my own holiday shopping that I haven’t even begun to ponder yet, even though gift-giving is one of my favorite parts about the holiday season! 

At we offer calling cards during the holiday season which are perfect to use as gift tags on presents, like the cool one above!  Attach them with tape, or tie a ribbon to one end of the card and the present so that you can see the designs on the front and the back.  These calling cards also are great if you have gifts for little ones who still believe in Santa but are old enough to recognize Mommy and Daddy’s handwriting.  Choose a holiday calling card and customize it with wording like “To __________”  “Love from Santa”.  You can choose different designs for each family member too, so that each person knows exactly which presents are theirs.  I’ll never forget the year that my Pop-Pop opened a gift that said “To Dad” from my sister.  It was a shirt and tie meant for our father, and he assumed it was his!  We felt so bad telling him that the gift wasn’t intended for him!

Below are some of our favorite holiday calling cards.  Each card is personalizable with your holiday greeting or gift message text and some of the holiday calling cards even have small coordinating envelopes available.

Remember that the holidays are right around the corner! At we have a plethora of holiday gift items, holiday calling cards like above, holiday greeting cards and holiday party invitations. Happy Holidays!

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