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Reindeer Holiday Party Invitations

Monday, November 15th, 2010

reindeer invitations‘Tis the season!  The holidays are here and every year we are excited to see what will be the “IT” item of the holiday…what theme our customers will like best.  Last year the reindeer theme was one of our most popular themes and it appears that this party theme is still running strong this year!  Not to say that other trends won’t pop-up on us, but for those of you out there searching for the perfect reindeer holiday card, look no further!  Our reindeer party invitations are made in formal and informal themes, to help you set the tone for your event.  Most of our formal reindeer party invitations feature an ornate or elegantly patterned border of flowers or damask designs.  A sleek silhouette of  a reindeer will offset the design and thus bring the element of the holiday season into your design.  The reindeer graphic in the top right corner of this blog is actually an image taken from one of our more formal reindeer themed party invitations, called Deer Elegance, from Inviting Company. 

reindeer party invitations Need something a bit more casual?  Some of our most cheerful holiday party invitations feature holiday reindeer made to look like you and your friends on a wild and crazy holiday night!  The card on the left is our Drink’n Deer party invitation by Inviting Company.  This adorable invitation is perfect for those hosting casual holiday cocktail parties or a night open house during the holiday season.  The card features a hilarious drawing of three reindeer drinking cocktails with one hanging from a chandelier and the other wearing a lampshade on his head!  Sound like the ‘norm’ on your annual holiday bash?  If so, this one is definitely for you!  If you’re not so much into the drinking scene and simply want to celebrate this festive time of year in a casual manner, we also have reindeer themed invitations with whimsical cartoon reindeer designs, whether the party is for kids, adults or family gatherings.  We also have a few unique reindeer invitations with reindeer antler chandeliers, reindeer with ornaments hung from their antlers or formal filigree reindeer designs.

Not sure which holiday style is your favorite yet?  More and more designs are added each week so that you can create the perfect holiday party invitation to coordinate with your festive event.  Check out the entire holiday party invitation collection at!