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Noteworthy’s NEW Snap Stamp

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Completely changing the world of self-inking stamps, this brand new product has evolved the traditional stamp.  Forget about the mess of trying to change an ink cartridge, stamp face or purchasing multiple stamps for all of your stamp face designs.  The Noteworthy Snap Stamp is one of our favorite new products.

You now have the option to purchase a stamp base once, and then purchase multiple stamp faces separately so that you don’t end up with 10 stamps sitting on your home or office shelves.  The Snap Stamp uses magnetic technology which uses a magnet to hold your stamp face onto the base securely and easily to create a straight, clean impression every time.  The Snap Stamp also accommodates circle and square stamp designs so that there is no need for multiple stamp bases for different styles of stamps. will now be offering the Noteworthy Snap Stamp in a variety of ways.  Purchase the base with the coordinating stamp face of your choice.  Purchase a stamp face by itself at a discounted price if you already own a base.  Or, a great gifting item, choose the Snap Stamp Gift Box which gives your recipient a fun box with a stamp base inside.  Along with the base is a coupon code for your recipient to go to a website to choose their own Snap Stamp face design from the 900 stamp face design gallery.  The recipient’s customized stamp face is then mailed to them at NO COST!  It’s a great way to give your friends a gift that they can personalize all on their own!

Not sure which stamp face to choose?  The large collection of stamp designs has a little something for everybody, from collegiate designs with mascots or school logos to Greek stamps, everyday stamp designs and holiday designs.  You can also purchase extra accessories for your stamper including ink pad refills, liquid ink refill bottles or stickers for your stamp.  Check out the entire collection of Noteworthy Snap Stamps at!