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Celebrate Thanksgiving – Greeting Cards

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

thanksgiving invitationsThanksgiving is now just  three days away, can you believe it?!  If you haven’t purchased your turkey yet, better run out to the store and pick one up before it’s all picked over!  I know I’ll be picking up a few last minute things tonight from the grocery store.  Thinking about planning my own Thanksgiving dinner, my friends and I were talking about the traditions we assume everyone has until you discuss with others who have other holiday traditions.  I was thinking, what are the most popular Thanksgiving foods and dishes that America serves up once a year on this fall holiday?  Daily Press served up a great list of top 10 foods for Thanksgiving this year and I was very surprised to learn that stuffing made the list before the turkey even did!!!  

Below is a fun list of Top 10 for Thanksgiving…maybe a food will spark an idea and help you to create a new Thanksgiving tradition…

From most to least popular:

-Stuffing – dry, crumbly, heavy…we all love stuffing
-Turkey – roasted, deep fried…it all makes you sleep but it tastes soo good
-Mashed Potatoes – with a healthy helping of gravy, who can resist
-Ham – because not everyone likes turkey
-Cranberry Sauce – some like it jellied, others whole and made from scratch
-Pumpkin Pie – homemade or store bought, delicious
-Rolls or Bread – crescent rolls are my family’s favorite
-Sweet Potatoes – whether in a casserole or a dish, a nice sweet dinner contrast
-Green Bean Casserole – a new family favorite that transforms the typical bean
-Turduckhen – a new turkey favorite that combines the turkey, duck and hen into one meaty bird

Hungry yet?  Remember after your Thanksgiving dinner to take some great snapshots of your family to cherish over the next year and to include on your Thanksgiving or holiday greeting cards.  The whole family will be together, festively dressed and it’s a great time to snap a photo. Our Thanksgiving photo cards are fall themed with your photo being the main focus of the design. We also have holiday digital photo cards which will add a little joy to your family and friends.

thanksgiving photo cards

Let your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers know you’re thankful for them this holiday season!