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Holiday Gift Tags

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

holiday gift tagsIt’s that festive time of year!  We’re all busy shopping for gifts for our loved ones and pretty soon we’ll be sitting down for a few hours of present wrapping while watching Hallmark holiday movies that make us cry!  Wrapping presents is one of the things I enjoy doing during the holidays and I try to pick out different wrapping paper for each of my family members and friends according to what they like.  Winnie the Pooh for the cousins, Disney Princess for the nieces, traditional old-style Santa Clause patterns for my parents and so on. 

We also do a fun game in our house where we put a Christmas Clue on each of our gift tags that gives a hint as to what is in the package.  Some of the hints are easy and others are hard.  The goal is to stump our dad every year, and without fail, he typically figures all his clues out!  When shopping for gift tags, you may be surprised to know that at we offer a full line of holiday gift stickers and holiday gift enclosure cards!  Available fully customized, you can put your own custom holiday greeting on the gift tag and sign it with your name or family name. 

The holiday gift tag designs are adorably cute this year and are extremely festive, of course.  Choose from fun snowflake patterns that look like gifts and presents, go with a classic damask or ribbon design or be traditional with a Santa Clause or Gingerbread Man design.  Below are some of our favorite gift tag designs for the holiday season…

holiday gift enclosure cards

These holiday gift gags are also great for those who celebrate Christmas and Santa with their children.  For those who have kids that can recognize Mom and Dad’s handwriting from a mile away, you can personalize your own “Santa’s” gift tags that say “To: Susie” “Love: Santa”…and they’ll never know it’s you!  These cards are also great for use on holiday gifts to co-workers or neighbors where all you need is a quick note on the outside of their present to wish them a happy holiday season.  Some of the holiday gift tags are also available with mini envelopes for addressing, however they cannot be mailed. 

Ready to wrap?  We are too!  Check out the entire collection at!