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Winter Graduation Invitations

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

I can’t believe it’s graduation time again!  For those graduating next month, we solute you and wish you well on your many ventures ahead!  As you start to think about your future, make sure you make plans to celebrate your accomplishments with family and friends before you take your big step into the working world. 

At we have a complete line of graduation announcements, graduation invitations, stationery cards and collegiate gifts for the graduating senior.  Whether you’re receiving your BA, MBA or medical degree, there’s a perfect card for your school style, or one that coordinates with your school colors.  Some of our most popular graduation invitations and announcements feature graduation caps, a graduate sitting on a stack of books, the 2010 graduating year or a stately design with a school mascot or colors.  Below are just a few of our new and favorite graduation designs…

graduation party invitations

Remember that your graduation announcement can double as a graduation party invitation, too!  Typically graduation announcements are sent out the day of, day before or day after your graduation.  In other words, you want your guests to receive them as close to your graduation date as possible.  However, if you’re hosting a graduation party, you can send your announcement out a few weeks early and announce your near-future graduation date to your guests and then ask them to celebrate at your party, all on the same card.

Remember to browse through our graduation stationery, return address labels and envelope seals, which make great additions to graduation season when sending invitations or thank you notes to family and friends. We also have a fun line of collegiate pottery from some of the most popular colleges and universities which are great for graduation gifts!

Holiday Laser Paper

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

If you have a mother like mine, every holiday season she’ll be shopping for the perfect card or paper to print her annual holiday letter, which is a year in review for all of our family members and friends. It’s a tradition she’s kept for as long as I can remember and now that I’ve moved out and am out of my own, I now enjoy reading every year. I even have pondered starting my own holiday letter.

At we offer a complete line of holiday laser paper which is perfect for writing holiday letters. Each laser paper comes in a set of 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of paper which easily load into your home or office printer, (ink jet or laser), for easy printing. Most have simple borders so that your text can be centered in the middle of the page. Each laser paper comes with matching or coordinating envelopes to send the letters out to your guests. Below are some of our favorite holiday laser paper designs…

holiday laser paper

One of the newer products we’ve seen and love this holiday season is taking a holiday card and turning it into your annual holiday letter. In other words, instead of printing your holiday letter on laser paper, these new designs combine your photo holiday greeting card and letter together. Perfect for those who are not computer or printer geniuses, these cards come pre-printed with your photo, holiday greeting and holiday letter text so that upon receipt, all you have to do is place it into the mail after addressing. We think these new designs are modern, hip and a giant leap in a new direction for holiday cards.  Below is the Magenta Story Card, which features a deep pink background with four of your digital photographs inside white architectural frames.  Under each photo a mini-update on each person is written and your holiday greeting is at the top and bottom of the card.  Keep your eyes peeled for more innovative products at…you never know what we’ll come up with next!

Holiday Stamps

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

holiday stampsIt’s that festive time of year again! Stores are filling up with the latest Christmas and holiday items and our daily orders are for holiday party invitations or holiday greeting cards, 9 times out of 10. Ever worry that when you send out your holiday party invitations or greeting cards that your guests won’t see your mail when it’s thrown in with the holiday ads and plethora of other holiday greeting cards that are sent from other family members or friends?

One of our vendors, Noteworthy Collections, has a unique collection of customizable stamps that allow you to jazz up your holiday party invitation and greeting card envelopes with a fun, personalized stamp in a fun holiday design. The holiday stamp collection is full of fifty-five different holiday designs! Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or simply wishing to spread peace and hope during the holiday season, there’s a holiday stamp for everyone. Some of our favorite stamps feature the holiday martini, tropical Santa Clause, dreidel, nativity scene or the traditional reindeer, snowflake, ornament or Christmas tree.

custom holiday stamps

These stamps come with black ink and are also available in colored ink or with holiday colored stickers to make your design truly pop. They are great for corporate mailers, church bulletins or regular mail to family and friends. Add your name, address, company name or a fun holiday phrase to the outer border to make the stamp yours. Check out the above stamps and more at!

Personalized vs Fill-In Invitations

Friday, November 5th, 2010

One of the greatest things about having a stationery store near you or shopping online for your party invitations is that you can forgo the typical fill-in invitation or pre-printed generic notecard and replace it with a fully customized invitation or stationery card that is made specifically and uniquely for you!  When I grew up, I always used fill-in party invitations from the local Hallmark store…they were easy and cheap, but somewhat limited on style and there was no personalization allowed.  I never dreamed that these types of invitations would slowly become a thing of the past and that I’d be working for a company that makes it their business to give you a personalized invitation every time. 

One of the most common things I’ve noticed on formal invitations is that while we’ve gotten used to customizable invitations, we still see customers using words like “Date:” “Time:” “Location” written directly onto their invitations.  Thus kind of combining a fill-in invitation and customized invitation into one.  When we see text come across this way, we tend to hint to our customers that this information is necessary on an invitation, however the actual words, “Date”, “Time:” or “Location:” are not necessary.  They are implied by the text written on your invitation.  You don’t need to print the date on an invitation and then tell someone that what you wrote is the date…trust me, they already know!  It sounds silly, but it is much more common than you’d think!  So next time you’re writing the text for your customized party invitation, leave those little ‘text tag indicators’ off. Can’t get out of the fill-in mentality? Sometimes fill-in invitations are convenient and fun to use. We still have plenty of fill-in invitations on our website for all of those traditional stationery junkies out there!

One of the other stationery faux-pas we notice is ordering a thank you note for a bridal shower, wedding, birthday or formal event and printing “Thank You” on the front.  The thought behind having your own personal stationery made for you is exactly that, having it personalized just for you!  You can write your “thank you” message on the inside of the card, so it is not necessary to print “Thank You” on the front.  For the outside of the card, put your individual name, monogram or a fun phrase that’s unique to you.  If you’re paying for personalized stationery, you should receive personalized stationery.  Go ahead and put your name on the stationery so everyone knows it’s yours.

Searching for more etiquette & advice?  Check out our full etiquette section at!

Adult Birthday Party Invitations for Her

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

birthday invitations for womenBirthday shenanigans were going down at last night!!  It was one of our graphic designer’s birthdays today and we knew we had to play a fun birthday joke on her to help her celebrate her big day!  So a few of us teamed up and stayed late to wrap ALL of the items on her desk in wrapping paper, tape streamers everywhere and spread confetti all over her desk and desk chair!  We even put a bow on her baby elephant stuffed animal!  That night we made fun-fetti cupcakes to share with the office today…her favorite!  As you can see from the photograph on the left, the mission was a success!  At we love celebrating birthdays just as much as our customers do.  It’s why we got into the business, and we try to make every birthday at our office fun.  It’s a great way to build your team and get everyone involved. 

When planning the next birthday party for your favorite gal-pal, make sure you make it one she’ll never forget.  At we have a chic and trendy collection of adult birthday party invitations for her which are specifically tailored to suit her interests and fun-femme personality.  Whether you’re hosting a night out on the town with the girls, a formal sit-down tea with close friends or a large at-home family affair, there’s a little something for every type of birthday event.  Some of our most popular adult birthday party themes for women feature cocktails, cake, decades, dancing, animal print, fashion/shoes, surprise parties or wine.  We even have birthday party invitations with photographs if you want to showcase a photograph of the honoree to her guests and to use as a fun keepsake.

When planning her birthday party extravaganza, choose a theme that best matches the person she is and the colors and themes she likes.  If she has a wild side, maybe go with a funky animal print theme and a fun night out on the town.  Or if she’s more reserved, maybe choose a few pastel colors she typically wears and create an intimate party with her closest friends and family.  Be sure to take a lot of pictures to create fun memories to look back on in the years to come.  And if you’re adventurous, like some of us at, throw a few surprises into the mix and really knock her off her feet!

Thanksgiving Invitations & Traditions

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

thanksgiving invitationsThanksgiving is only three short weeks away!  I’ll never forget the Thanksgiving we had a few years ago when my uncle told us to go out into the driveway and get a peek at the turkey cooking.  My cousins and I looked at each other like he was crazy…how could a Thanksgiving turkey be cooked outside?  Turns out he was deep frying a huge turkey instead of roasting it, and decided to do it outside to cut down on the fry mess…crazy!

Thanksgiving traditions differ from family to family and I always love to hear a new story or idea for the holiday season!  Deep-fried turkey is a recipe/concept that started down south, (of course!!), which has grown in popularity ever since.  It gives a southern or barbecue flair to a traditional turkey taste and the results are simply crispy, juicy and delicious!  Small turkeys are best for frying, so typically about an 8 or 10 pound turkey.  If you have a lot of guests coming to dinner don’t worry, as the turkey only needs to be cooked for about a half hour or less, so you can make a few turkeys if needed.  Remember that the turkey does need to be completely thawed before frying!  You may want to get an outdoor fryer to reduce the mess you get from frying food.  There are also specifically made turkey fryers which do not require oil.  They use an infrared heat, similar to a gas grill.

When frying your turkey, remember to keep all children and pets away from the cooking area and to never leave the turkey unattended.  Make sure you cool the oil and dispose of it after use.  Old turkey oil is not good!!! 

While your mouth is watering thinking about the turkey you’ll be eating, remember that if you haven’t ordered your Thanksgiving party invitations yet it’s time to start browsing and ordering!  Invitations for Thanksgiving dinner can be sent anywhere from 2-4 weeks before your event, so you still have a little bit of time.  Our Thanksgiving party invitations range from formal to casual to cover all types of Thanksgiving traditions.   Below are some of our fun Tom-the-Turkey invitation styles below…

thanksgiving party invitations

Hanukkah Greeting Cards & Invitations

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

hanukkah invitationsI was worried about Christmas coming too fast, but in looking at the December calendar today, I realized that those celebrating Hanukkah have even less time to prepare for the holidays than I do!  Hanukkah begins on December 2nd this year and ends on December 9th…8 crazy nights that celebrate the festival of lights.

Whether you’re celebrating with a big bash on the first or last night of Hanukkah, it’s time to order your Hanukkah party invitations and greeting cards!  Party invitations need to be sent about 2-3 weeks before your event, so it’s the perfect time to order.  Our Hanukkah themed party invitations and greeting cards have taken a step forward this year and are a bit more modern than the traditional holiday card or invitation.  Our invitations feature shades of blue and yellow that compliment traditional Hanukkah holiday colors but with a slightly modern twist like a girl sitting on her dreidel, a Shield of David design, a girl sitting on a Menorah holding a candle or a modern Hanukkah place setting design.  Our Hanukkah holiday greeting cards showcase your family photographs during this festive time of year with fun Menorah, Star of David or Hanukkah patterns and colors.  All of our Hanukkah party invitations and greeting cards have a 2-3 or 4-5 business day turnaround time with rush processing available for those of us who notoriously wait until the last minute to order.  We also have upgraded shipping options when necessary.

Below are some of our newest Hanukkah invitation and Hanukkah photo greeting card options available…

hanukkah invitations

Don’t forget to stock up on your Hanukkah thank you notes either!  With 8 days of gift-giving and receiving, you’re bound to receive a plethora of gifts that you’ll want to thank you friends and family for.  One of my favorites is the Dreidel Girl from Bonnie Marcus which features a posh Jewish girl in a black dress and heels holding a dreidel.   Happy Hanukkah!!

New Years Photo Greeting Cards

Monday, November 1st, 2010

new years photo cardsAs I wrote the date today in numerical form, 11.01.10, it made me think about the fact that soon it will be 2011 and a new year will start!  With the state of the economy, loss of jobs for friends and family members, the holidays can sometimes be a tough time of year.  I have to admit, I feel like 2011 will be a good year!   A great time for a fresh start, new beginnings and a new chapter of life!

At we celebrate New Years just as much as we celebrate any other holiday during the year.  I am always one to send out Christmas themed holiday cards during December, but this year I may change things up a bit and lift spirits during the holiday season with a New Years Greeting card, just like the one on the left here.  This Starry City Night Photo Card is by IB Designs, which means it is designed by our very own team of Graphic Designers.  This modern greeting card features a dark black background with little white and grey dots throughout the background which look like a starry night.  An outline of a cityscape adorns the bottom of the card below the stars.  Perfect for couples who have just been wed, a white frame adorns the top of the card for your digital photograph, (suggested to be printed in black and white to coordinate with this dark card design).  “Happy NEW YEAR” is pre-printed below the photo in white ink in two different fonts.  Add your names and marriage date below it to complete the look.  Not getting married?  No problem!  Put a photo of your family, kids, pets or friends and make it yours.  You may even want to send these fun greeting cards after the New Year festivities die-down so that your picture can be a capture of New Years itself.

This fun New Years greeting card is also available with a colored (or black) envelope liner, a layered backing  as well as matching round stickers to truly create a coordinating ensemble.  The round stickers mirror the actual New Years greeting card with a black background of stars over the city and a New Years Greeting in the center.  Use them as a return address label, envelope seal or favor tag if you’re hosting a party.

new years address stickers