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I know, I know, you’re probably looking at this blog post thinking, what in the world is that pickle doing on a tree!  I got the same reaction from a friend when putting the old world style pickle ornament on my tree last weekend.  It’s a holiday tradition my Dad taught me years ago…I thought everybody did this?!  Apparently not!

An old German tradition in many families around the US is to hang a pickle ornament on your Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.  The pickle ornament his hung by the oldest member of the family and is hung far into the tree, so that it is hidden.   The children are then sent to find the pickle on the tree, without touching of course.  The first child to find the pickle will receive an extra present from St. Nick in the morning.  If adults are playing, it is said that the person who finds the pickle will receive a year of good luck…(or in my family, the adult gets a gift card to one of their favorite places, and I almost always win)! 

This funny tradition stemmed from a German story in which a soldier from the Civil War was plagued with poor health and was starving.  He begged a guard for just one pickle before he died in prison.  The guard took pity on him and gave him the pickle.  By the grace of God, the pickle actually gave the soldier the mental and physical strength to live on! 

To start your own pickle tradition, you’ll be surprised to know that most stores that carry ornaments have a Christmas pickle.  I found mine at Target at a really great price.  Even if you’re not German, it’s a really fun tradition to take part in on Christmas with your family and friends.

Traditions like the one above are a great way to get in touch with your different nationalities cultures.  It’s really fun to think about how other areas of the world celebrate the same holidays we do.  At we recognize that your friends, family members or corporate clients might not all be from the same area of the country or world.  Visit our regional and global/international holiday cards and spread cheer from East to West!!!

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