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Interactive Holiday Greeting Cards from Checkerboard

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

personal holiday greeting cardsThe holidays are such a fun time of year, especially for the kids.  One of our newer vendors, Checkerboard, has a really cool line of interactive holiday greeting cards that really blew my mind!  Forget the old, traditional holiday cards with a photo or a holiday message with a symbol of the season design.   The newest revolution in holiday greeting cards is a card that give your children, (or you!) a fun activity to do upon receipt!  The photograph on the left shows what you can do with our Merry Mustache Holiday Greeting Card.  Each card includes a holiday greeting and a white Santa mustache at the top of the card, which is perforated for you to punch out and use the wooden stick to create your own Santa face!  It’s a really cute idea for people sending holiday cards to couples with children. 

Like the idea?  Checkerboard also has a Reindeer Games Holiday Greeting Card which is very similar and includes brown reindeer glasses for your child to wear?  The glasses are made of brown card stock and fit into two slits on the card for safe mailing.  You can even get more interactive with some of their holiday activity greeting cards which include a holiday crossword puzzle, connect-the-dot game or a side-fold holiday card which holds coloring book vellum pages inside for your child to color upon receipt!

One of my other favorite interactive holiday greeting cards is the Mystery Greeting Holiday Card which features your digital photograph as the background of the card which is then die-cut into puzzle pieces.  You put the pieces into a light blue mystery envelope and your recipients must piece the puzzle together to figure out who sent them the card!  It’s a really cute idea for those that are known for playing jokes on family and friends.

Take a look at some of the adorable interactive designs below, some of which we’ve described above.  The holidays are about a time of love, joy and happiness, and we feel like these fun holiday cards bring just that!

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