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Holiday Fill-In Thank You Cards

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

holiday fill-in notesIt’s that gift-giving time of year again!  And if you have a child, you know that the bombardment of gifts from family members and friends is well on it’s way…if it hasn’t already started!  One of the things we tend to forget during the holiday sea
son is sending a thank you note for the gifts we receive.  I know that I’m a culprit of this too.  It’s the holidays and whether or not we like to admit it, we automatically assume we are receiving gifts.  But this shouldn’t mean that we lose our tact and neglect to let our family and friends know that we appreciate their kind and generous gift.  Not only is it important for adults to send out thank you notes, but it’s a really nice touch to have your children send thank you notes too.  It’s a great way to instill thank you note writing at an early age so that they continue the tradition as they grow up.

Having your children sit down to write thank you notes can be a daunting task for a parent.  Your child is hyper and doesn’t have the patience to write a long note.  Or maybe they can’t write very well yet.  At we offer a line of holiday fill-in thank you notes that is perfect for kids to start practicing writing thank you notes.  The fill-in cards come with pre-printed text and lines for your child to fill in what they received and what they liked about it.  The fill-in text will cut your child’s thank you note writing time down in half, giving you time to move onto bigger and better things!

The fill-in holiday thank you notes come in a variety of fun holiday styles which make it even more fun for your child to fill out.  Some of our favorite designs feature the Daddy and Me Gingerbread Fill-In you see above, our Gingerbread House Fill-in or our whimsical fill-ins which feature cartoon Christmas trees, colorful ornaments or Santa Clause

holiday fill-in thank you notes

Remember that we also have matching fill-in holiday invitations for some of our holiday fill-in thank you notes.  Make it a matching set with a round sticker envelope seal to really create a fun kids coordinating holiday collection!