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Last Chance to Order Stamps for Christmas!

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Holiday cutoffs are slowly starting to come in, which must mean one thing, the holidays are definitely here!  Now’s your last chance to order the brand new Noteworthy Collections Snap Stamp in-time to receive it for the holidays.  The Snap Stamp is a great holiday gift for your friends, neighbors, co-workers or a business associate.  It gives the gift of personalization and also allows for over 900 choices of stamp faces!  Personalize your first stamp with a fun holiday character and then purchase sports or ornate address stamps for use during the rest of the year.  Simply snap off and on your different faces as you mood or the season changes.  The magnetic technology inside the stamper base allows for an easy face change with no need for adjusting or straightening. 

The snap stamp in the top left corner is a complete package that is perfect for gift-giving.  It allows your recipient to actually choose their own face design and enter their own text.  Your recipient will receive this cute box with a self-inking stamp base inside.  They’ll also receive a coupon code for a free stamp face, (which includes free shipping).  They simply open the box, go to our stamp personalization website to choose their design and then receive their very own face in the mail!  It’s the gift of personalization that makes sure your guest receives the design that THEY would pick for themselves!

Not sure which design works best for you?  Below are some of our favorite Snap Stamp designs below.  There’s a little something for everyone…The cheerleader, the holiday fanatic, the athlete, the family or the student at a university.   These stamp designs work great for formal letterhead, envelope seals, book or belonging markers, Greek rush posters, advertisements and more!