NEW 2011 Calendar Cards

2011 Calendar CardThe new year is a little bit less than two weeks away!  For those who have friends, family or clients that celebrate multiple holidays, (or for those who forgot to order holiday cards), sending a New Years greeting card can be the perfect choice for keeping in touch during this wintry season! 

One of our most popular New Years themed cards is a holiday calendar card, like the one shown here to the left.  These calendar cards open up tri-fold to display your holiday greeting, along with a calendar of the next year.  This is a great way for your clients to have your company name sitting on their desk or hung on their wall every day of the following year.  The card showing on the left is our brand new Hung on the Tree Calendar Card, which features a deep red background that sits behind a monthly 2011 calendar.  The top panel features a red and gold bulb ornament design which sits in front of a snowflake bordered background.  A list of the year’s most popular holidays also adorns the top of the card.   Your holiday greeting adorns the bottom of the card on the bottom panel. 

Our holiday calendar card collection features a plethora of holiday calendar cards like this one, some with a more generic design which is not so much pertaining to the holiday season, but rather the celebration of the new year.  Some of our newest designs feature wintry tree designs, striking flourish patterns or stately designs with bookplate frames, patriotic themes or seasonal change themes.  Want to celebrate the world while you’re celebrating it’s many holidays?  We also have global and international calendar cards for those with clients from around the globe.

Remember that it’s not too late to put your order in for your New Years holiday cards.  Most of our vendors offer rush processing and upgraded shipping options if you need to receive your order before the Christmas holiday.  Also, be sure to take advantage of our 10% off any order coupon!  Just use the coupon code Jingle2010 at checkout to receive your savings! The promotion ends on December 27th, better hurry! promos

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