Celebrate January – Winter Party Invitations

Pretty soon it’ll be too late to say ” ‘Tis the season! “.  But that doesn’t mean we need to stop celebrating during the winter months.  One of the things I love most is attending celebrations after the holiday festivities have died down.  Once the holidays are over, I always feel like I get into a little funk after the excitement and joy has ended.  Winter parties always perk me right up and put me back into the holiday spirit.  It’s also a great way to include more family and friends in your winter event as everyone is not already busy with other party plans, corporate business or travel arrangements.

Many corporate companies also host winter holiday parties during the January – February months rather than over Christmas.  This way more people can attend and the company can wait for the end of the business year to close so that all odds and ends are taken care of before the celebrations. 

Our winter party invitations are great for kids birthday party invitations, adult cocktail party invitations, corporate events or adult birthday party invitations.  This card here on the left, called the Merry Snowman Christmas Invitation, is adorable with a modern robin’s egg blue snowing background and a snowman donning his orange scarf.  We have fun and whimsical winter invitations like this one featuring snowmen, cartoon ice skaters and mittens.  We also have more elegant winter party invitations featuring silver, white and blue snowflakes, winter damask patterns and snow scape designs.

Send your winter party invitations out the first week of January, right after the Christmas holiday.  This way your invitation won’t get mixed up in the toss of the holiday mail and your guests will have time to prepare for your event.  You may even want your guests to come in winter attire or themed with white and silver.  Get creative and plan for a really fun party in these cold winter months!

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