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Football Invitations & Superbowl Invitations

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Are you ready for some football?!  The playoffs are just over a week away and pretty soon it will be time to host that annual Superbowl Party for your neighbors, friends and co-workers.  I have thrown a few football parties in the past but have neglected to do so in the past few years as my favorite teams either haven’t been playing, or I was busy with moving after the holidays.  I think it’s about time to host another party, and I’m praying that the Giants will make it to the playoffs this year, (but not holding my breath)!

So what goes into the making of a great Superbowl party?  To start off, you’ll need the perfect invitation to make sure your guests are ready for game-day.  We have just about every football invitation you can think of at InvitationBox.  One of our newer vendors, Special Event Ticketing, makes game-day ticket stub invitations that look just like the tickets you receive for a major sporting event. You can choose your own ticket colors, (to match with your winning team), as well as envelope colors and coordinating lanyards for VIP events.  Tickets not your style?  We also have traditional football invitations featuring watercolor football designs, invitations that look like football fields or modern cards with vintage football game signs, buckets of beer and game-day snacks, goal posts and die-cut football designs.

Checkout some of our favorite football party invitations below…

Ready to start planning?  Remember that along with a great football invitation goes great food, brew and a great atmosphere.  Decorate your party location with the colors of your favorite team or if you have fans of different teams attending, decorate your location with all of the NFL team themes.  Serve up some great beer and finger foods to keep everyone full.  You may even want to host a few bets or games to help everyone get involved during the game.  This is great for those guests attending that may not be the biggest football fans.  Everyone will watch to see how many points they get for each touchdown or yard gain.

Remember, Superbowl Sunday is on February 6th!  No time better than the present to plan your Superbowl XLV party!