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valentine cardsOK, let’s face it, the start of 2011 is really just two days away!  And that means that before we know it, Valentine’s Day will be here!  If you’ve gone to the local drug store or mall, you’ll already have noticed that the Christmas decor has been put away and slowly stuffed animals and red candy hearts are filling the shelves.

As an adult, Valentine’s Day has become a holiday in which we shower our loved one with gifts and plan an elaborate dinner to show our affection.  Or, if we’re single, we spend the night sitting on the couch watching Lifetime movies and  stuffing our faces with a bowl of popcorn and candy we bought for ourselves.  Remember how fun Valentine’s Day was as a child, when the biggest worry was that someone else had the same Valentine cards as you had?  For those of us with children, pretty soon it will be time to start shopping for the perfect Valentines to hand out at your child’s Valentine’s Day party.  For most kids it will be Ninja Turtle Valentines, Hannah Montana Valentines or Care Bear Valentines.  OR, you can do something totally different and choose a Valentine from our collection and have it truly personalized for your child!  This way, your child is sure to have a unique and one-of-a-kind Valentine all their own!

Our kids Valentine collection features a multitude of designs for young boys and girls – and even tweens!  Girls can choose from whimsical princess, heart, cupcake, pop rock, bird or striped valentines, and boys can choose from robots, sports, monster truck or pirate Valentine themes.  We even have photo valentine cards so that you can put your child’s face on their favorite valentine card.  This also makes for a great keepsake in that photo album to be looked back upon a few years from now.

My personal favorite of the new collection is the U Rock Valentine shown above!  Take a look at some of our other fun and brand new valentines below…

Can’t wait for Valentine’s Day to tell someone you’re sweet on them?  We can’t either!  Visit our entire Valentine’s Day Collection today to pick up your valentines, valentine greeting cards or Valentine’s Day party invitations!

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