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Brand New Holiday Cards from IB Designs

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

holiday cardsIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Josh Groban’s Christmas music is a staple in my daily Pandora station in December and most of my nights are spent searching the internet for gifts for family & friends or wrapping the gifts I’ve purchased. 

With the holiday season vastly approaching, all of us at InvitationBox do our best to keep our product offerings fresh, modern and brand new for the new year.  After all, nobody wants to receive last year’s Christmas cards!  Our team of designers at InvitationBox creates the brand IB Designs that you all know and love.  Just in time for the holiday season, we have introduced over twenty brand new designs which are some of the most modern and striking designs we’ve introduced to our website this holiday season.  One of my favorites is the navy Sparkling Tree Lights Holiday Card in top left corner of this blog.  This top fold holiday card features an array of snowflakes and stars for a high-contrasting, eye-catching holiday card.  The stars all lead up to a Christmas tree with a star at the top that looks like the North Star.

Other brand new IB Designs holiday cards feature winter wonderland snow scenes, ornamental collages, a cozy cabin back in the snow covered forest or a holidays wag design made of holly.  Corporate customers will now also have the option to upload their own logo to our business appreciation holiday cards.  We also have nature themed holiday cards for those who like to celebrate all living things during the holidays. 

Below are some of our brand new designs that I just had to share…

holiday cards

One of the most popular things this holiday season is keeping in touch with loved ones and family during such a tough economic time period.  Make someones day when they receive your holiday greeting card with a contemporary style from our festive IB Designs collection. There’s nothing like spreading a little holiday cheer to the ones that you love!

New Years Party Invitations

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

new years invitationsPretty soon we’ll all be doing the countdown right before midnight and then begin to celebrate 2011, the start of a new year!  New Years is one of those holidays where you’ve either got millions of things to do and parties to attend or you’re sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in your pj’s waiting for the ball to drop, if you can stay up that late!  I know I’ve had both types of New Years in the past few years!

So, what are your New Years plans this year?  Perhaps you haven’t even given it a thought with the Christmas holiday overtaking your brain.  Start something new this year and try hosting a party for your family or friends to celebrate new beginnings, strong friendships and the end of the holiday season.  At we have a plethora of New Years party invitations for whatever New Years style party you’re throwing…whether it’s dressy and sassy, relaxed and fun or a black-tie affair.  The invitation shown in the top left corner is one of my favorite holiday invitations this year.  It’s perfect for the mid-twenties to thirties crowd that is hosting a dressy get-together for the New Year, whether it’s at a club or a restaurant.  This card also has a great feature where you can change the color or nationality of the girl’s hair on the card.  Choose from blonde, brunette, African American or Asian…a little something for everyone, depending on what your host looks like!

If characters aren’t your thing, we have plenty of other New Years party invitations which feature popping champagne bottles, champagne towers, clocks for countdown, swanky chandeliers, damask patterns, night cityscapes or people silhouettes.  Take a look at some of our favorite brand new designs below…

new years party invitations

Make sure you order and mail your New Years Party Invitations soon!  Your guests need to make plans for safe driving and may want to make hotel accommodations.  Remember that we have quick-ship options to help you receive your order right away including rush processing and upgraded shipping options.  2011 is right around the corner, be the first of your friends to begin the celebration!

It’s Not Too Late For Holiday Cards

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Christmas is just three weeks away, and counting!  The holidays may be coming in fast, but there’s still time to order your holiday greeting cards, and you’ll still have time to receive them before the holiday even hits.  There’s really no “holiday etiquette rule” to how early or how late you can send your holiday cards.  We typically suggest anytime before Thanksgiving and New Years as a great time to send out your Christmas cards.  If you send a card out a little late, better to make it a New Years card, which can be sent anytime the month before and after the New Years holiday.  So if you are mailing out your holiday cards just two days before Christmas…relax!  When has anyone ever received a holiday card and been upset about it arriving too close to the holiday?  Your recipients will simply be happy to receive your card.

When browsing for holiday cards you have quite a few choices available to you, depending on the type of holiday card you’d like to send.  You can choose from Digital Photo Christmas Cards if you have a photo on your phone or camera that was taken digitally.  Simply upload your photograph to our website and we’ll print the photograph onto the card for you, along with your holiday greeting.  Gone are the days of photo mount tape and photo reprints.  Or, if you’re a little on the traditional side, or digital just isn’t your thing, we also have Traditional Christmas Photo Cards that feature most top fold holiday cards and feature your self-applied photograph on the front of the card.  This is great for those who like to take the photograph off of the holiday card after receipt to put into a photo album or put out on display.

If photos aren’t your style, we also have traditional holiday greeting cards without photos which feature a plethora of themes including business appreciation, calendar cards, cities and regions, global & international, new years cards, occupations & professions, outdoor scenes, patriotic, personal, religion and symbols of the season.  These fun holiday cards are mostly popular with corporate clients sending out a festive holiday wish or for families where the kids are all grown up and the customer wants to send a warm holiday greeting to family and friends. 

Whatever your style, shop now to order your holiday cards!  Remember that we also have fabulous promotions going on to help you out during the holiday season.  Our current promotion gives you 15% off any order using the coupon code Red15!

Interactive Holiday Greeting Cards from Checkerboard

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

personal holiday greeting cardsThe holidays are such a fun time of year, especially for the kids.  One of our newer vendors, Checkerboard, has a really cool line of interactive holiday greeting cards that really blew my mind!  Forget the old, traditional holiday cards with a photo or a holiday message with a symbol of the season design.   The newest revolution in holiday greeting cards is a card that give your children, (or you!) a fun activity to do upon receipt!  The photograph on the left shows what you can do with our Merry Mustache Holiday Greeting Card.  Each card includes a holiday greeting and a white Santa mustache at the top of the card, which is perforated for you to punch out and use the wooden stick to create your own Santa face!  It’s a really cute idea for people sending holiday cards to couples with children. 

Like the idea?  Checkerboard also has a Reindeer Games Holiday Greeting Card which is very similar and includes brown reindeer glasses for your child to wear?  The glasses are made of brown card stock and fit into two slits on the card for safe mailing.  You can even get more interactive with some of their holiday activity greeting cards which include a holiday crossword puzzle, connect-the-dot game or a side-fold holiday card which holds coloring book vellum pages inside for your child to color upon receipt!

One of my other favorite interactive holiday greeting cards is the Mystery Greeting Holiday Card which features your digital photograph as the background of the card which is then die-cut into puzzle pieces.  You put the pieces into a light blue mystery envelope and your recipients must piece the puzzle together to figure out who sent them the card!  It’s a really cute idea for those that are known for playing jokes on family and friends.

Take a look at some of the adorable interactive designs below, some of which we’ve described above.  The holidays are about a time of love, joy and happiness, and we feel like these fun holiday cards bring just that!

holiday greeting cards

Holiday Return Address Labels

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Let’s be honest.  Plain white envelopes during the holiday season a just a little bit boring!  It’s a festive time of year, and in my opinion, that means everything should have a little Christmas touch to it!  Let your holiday mail stand out with a festive holiday return address label from  Whether you’re mailing a holiday greeting card, a Christmas party invitation or an annual holiday letter, you’ll want to make sure that your mail is noticed by family and friends, and not tossed to the side with a mountain of holiday bills.

The holiday return address labels at have been just flying off our shelves this holiday season!  We have so many great new designs from funky and holiday fresh to elegant, reserved and holiday classic.  Some of my favorite designs include the Santa’s List sticker and other designs which feature peppermint swirls, Christmas trees, reindeer antlers, snowflake and city designs, holiday words and elegant damask patterns.  Whatever way you celebrate the holidays, there’s a sticker to match. 

Put the return address label on the back of an envelope, to look just like an old fashioned envelope seal, or put it in the top right corner of your larger envelopes.  You can even change things up by replacing your address with a fun holiday phrase to decorate your holiday presents, papers or for the kids to give out to their friends.  They’re great for personal use or as gifts for friends, neighbors, kids or even a teacher’s holiday gift!

Regional & International Holiday Cards & Traditions

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

I know, I know, you’re probably looking at this blog post thinking, what in the world is that pickle doing on a tree!  I got the same reaction from a friend when putting the old world style pickle ornament on my tree last weekend.  It’s a holiday tradition my Dad taught me years ago…I thought everybody did this?!  Apparently not!

An old German tradition in many families around the US is to hang a pickle ornament on your Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.  The pickle ornament his hung by the oldest member of the family and is hung far into the tree, so that it is hidden.   The children are then sent to find the pickle on the tree, without touching of course.  The first child to find the pickle will receive an extra present from St. Nick in the morning.  If adults are playing, it is said that the person who finds the pickle will receive a year of good luck…(or in my family, the adult gets a gift card to one of their favorite places, and I almost always win)! 

This funny tradition stemmed from a German story in which a soldier from the Civil War was plagued with poor health and was starving.  He begged a guard for just one pickle before he died in prison.  The guard took pity on him and gave him the pickle.  By the grace of God, the pickle actually gave the soldier the mental and physical strength to live on! 

To start your own pickle tradition, you’ll be surprised to know that most stores that carry ornaments have a Christmas pickle.  I found mine at Target at a really great price.  Even if you’re not German, it’s a really fun tradition to take part in on Christmas with your family and friends.

Traditions like the one above are a great way to get in touch with your different nationalities cultures.  It’s really fun to think about how other areas of the world celebrate the same holidays we do.  At we recognize that your friends, family members or corporate clients might not all be from the same area of the country or world.  Visit our regional and global/international holiday cards and spread cheer from East to West!!!