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Video Game Party Invitations

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Gone are the days when playing a video game meant you were a couch potato for hours on end when parents would beg their kids to be active and go play outside!  The new trend with Wii, XBox Kinnect or Guitar Hero games is being interactive while playing your favorite video games.  One of my good friends received an Xbox Kinnect for her birthday and I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun playing a video game before.  We were dancing, jumping over rivers, dodging balls in dodge-ball – all from the comfort of her home in the middle of winter!

One of the most recent party trends for not only kids, but adults too, is to host a video game party!  Gamers with Wii can play games with up to four friends at a time which makes for some great competition and a really fun, active party style.  When guests arrive, they can each take a few minutes to create a mii to play with and you can then break into teams.  Have each team go full-force into competition to battle things out on the Wii or create an entire band with a game like Guitar Hero.  Serve up some snacks for everyone to enjoy while they’re waiting and then place bets on who will be the video game champion.

One of our newest party invitations is the Video Game Party Invitation by Paper so Pretty, shown below.  This really fun and vibrant video game party invitation features a black background of neon zig-zags, lines and dots.  A large blue flat screen TV adorns the center of the card for your invitation text, which is printed in traditional old-school computer-style font.  Three kids holding video game controllers adorn the bottom of the card.  Checkout this super-cute invitation at InvitationBox!