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NEW Pirate Party Invitations

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Aaargh!  Invite all ‘yer mateys fer some birthday fun full of adventure and endless treasure!  All those who don’t come will have to walk the plank!  IB Designs, our very own brand of graphic designers, has just introduced some adventurous new additions of invitations, round labels and thank you notes to our pirate collection.  Perfect for those in search of treasure, our newest invitations feature whimsical pirate designs for kids all the way up through mature pirate designs for adults.

Our newest pirate designs feature cartoon pirate kid designs with swords, treasure and pirate adventures at sea.  We also have treasure maps where X marks the spot, along with scary pirate ships, dangerous sea creatures and islands with adventure awaiting.  Add some fun pirate-themed text to really make your invitation theme stand out by using words like “Ahoy Mates”, “Booty”, “Walk the Plank”, “Land-Ho” or “Treasure and Adventure”. 

Below are some of our newest designs, but please note, booty is not included!

pirate invitations

Ready to start planning your child’s next pirate bash?  Remember that we also have pirate themed round return address stickers as well as fill-in thank you notes to coordinate with the above pirate designs.  It’s a great way to carry your party theme from your invitation to your envelopes or party favors, as well as send a pirate’s ahoy thank you after your party has ended!  The round stickers work great for return address labels, stickers on goodie bags or tasty treats or as a gift tag on a present for a friend.  The fill-in thank you notes allow your child to send a thank you note in an easy way where they only have  short amount of information to fill out.  Our pirate themed round stickers and fill-ins feature a fun scene or design from your coordinating chosen invitation, to really tie your entire event together.

Don’t wait any longer, start your pirate adventure now with one of our brand new pirate designs.