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VIP Pass Party Invitations

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

VIP invitationsStep aside, this party area is for me and my special VIP’s!  We’ve all seen the hit MTV show, Sweet 16, where the kids put on these lavish parties for their 15th or 16th birthday parties with all of their family and friends invited.  Some of the parties can seem extreme, (and are), but when you think about it, why shouldn’t your child be treated like a VIP on their special birthday? 

The invitation on the left is one of our most recently popular party invitations for kids, tweens, teens and adults.  The VIP Pass Invitation with Lanyard by Checkerboard is perfect for your teenager’s next exclusive birthday bash.  The invitation features a unique black card stock with rounded corners that actually looks like an official VIP pass at the backstage of a concert or event.  A black and silver lanyard is attached to the top of the card so that your guests can wear the invitation to they event, should you require it for entrance.  The invitations will come assembled however will likely require additional postage for mailing, due to the bulk nature of the black string lanyard.  We suggest taking a fully assembled invitation and envelope to your post office prior to mailing, to ensure proper postage.  Or, save on postage and have your child hand out these fun and unique party invitations at school.

This fun teen invitation is also available with a black stock reply card that offers silver areas for your guests to return a reply.  We also sell the VIP Pass Invitation without the lanyard at a discounted price.  These fun invitations will make each guest feel important like a VIP, and special for being invited to this exclusive event.  You don’t have to invite three hundred guests and drop 50K on this party, like the kids from Sweet 16, but it’s great to get together with a few friends on your birthday and act like the true VIP you are.