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NEW Baby Shower Invitations

Monday, January 17th, 2011

A baby is on the way!  Help the mommy-to-be before her baby’s arrival day by showering her with all of the gifts and baby items she’ll need to take care of her newborn.  From bottles to diapers to toys, outfits and furniture, there’s so many things she’ll need to buy before the baby comes.  Hosting a shower is the perfect way to welcome the baby and make sure that the baby’s parents are prepared.

When planning your friend or family member’s next baby shower, set the scene for your event with an adorable baby shower from our baby shower invitation collection.  We have hundreds of baby shower invitations that will go perfect for your shower, whether the mother is expecting a boy, girl or a surprise!  We also have baby shower invitations for twins and couples showers.

Below are some of our newest and popular baby shower invitations…

baby shower invitationsGirl Diaper Bag Party Invitation by Paper so Pretty This adorable baby shower invitation comes in three fun pieces.  The first piece is a die-cut in the shape of a pink plaid diaper bag.  The bag holds a drawing of a baby bottle, changing mat, baby car keys and pacifier.  The second piece is a die-cut in the shape of a teddy bear wearing a pink outfit.  Once you receive the order, you’ll slide the teddy bear into the open slit of the diaper bag so it looks like she’s hanging outside.  The final piece of this adorable ensemble is a pink satin ribbon that sticks onto the teddy bear’s pin outfit.  All together you’ve got an adorable baby shower invitation, which also gives your guests a few ideas about gifts to bring!  This sweet baby shower invitation is also available in blue, in case the mommy-to-be is having a baby boy!

boy baby shower invitationsOwl Blue Party Invitations by Paper so PrettyGuess whoo’s having a baby boy? This adorable baby shower invitation is perfect for Mommy’s expecting a baby boy.  This flat white invitation features a light blue shaded background with a large brown, yellow and white baby owl on the left side of the card.  He is perched on a tree branch with tiny green leaves, all to the left of your baby shower invitation text.  Expecting a baby girl?  This adorable baby shower invitation also comes in a sweet pink version as well, which features the same style invitation but with a shaded pink background.  The tree the owl sits on blooms with small pink and yellow  flowers along with the tiny green leaves and the baby owl actually has eyelashes, so that you know she’s a baby girl.

gender neutral baby shower invitations Hip Mama Brunette Baby Shower Invitations by Stacy Claire BoydChic and expecting?  This contemporary baby shower invitation is perfect for mothers expecting a girl or a boy.  The card features a white background edged with top and bottom edged lime green borders.  An expecting mommy wearing a black shirt holds onto her baby bump on the left side of the card, while carrying a lime green patterned purse.  The mom wears her chic black sunglasses and ponytail swept to the side.  This fun baby shower invitation is also available in blonde or brunette with shorter hair, to look just like you!

Like what you see?  Check out the entire collection of baby shower invitations at  From boy baby showers to girl baby showers, gender neutral showers or couples showers, there’s a little something for everyone depending on what new arrival you’re expecting!