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Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Valentines CardsDear Jacob,
I like you.  Do you like me? 
Circle one: 
YES  –  NO  –  MAYBE

Will YOU be my valentine?  Valentine’s Day is not too far away, and pretty soon your kids will be ready to choose their perfect valentine.  Remember how much fun it was at school on Valentine’s Day to create your own valentine mailbox and go around the room handing out valentines to your classmates?  You may have even made an extra-special valentine for that special someone that you’d been crushing on.

Bring the love and fun of valentine’s day to your child with a personalized valentine from our Valentine Card Collection.  Our vendors have worked hard to provide the cutest valentine designs for the 2011 holiday season.  The new designs feature traditional valentine designs with hearts in pink, purple and red as well as more modern designs that kids love with guitars, peace signs, cartoon characters, candy hearts, monsters, trucks and princess themes.  Your child can choose the valentine design that best matches their personality and interests.

Our valentine cards come with fun characters as noted above, and some even have your child’s photograph printed directly onto the card!  This works great for those who like to keep valentines for keepsakes to look back on over the years.  Our valentine cards also take the work out of hand-writing 50 valentines to friends, as they are already personalized with your child’s name and valentine message.  Simply add the recipient’s name to the envelope, and you’re ready to hand them out!

Take a look at some of our brand new valentines below…

valentines invitations

In the mood for love?  Our valentines ship out very fast at 2-4 business days for most items.  Shop our entire Valentine Card collection at InvitationBox!