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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

valentines stuffed animalsValentine’s Day is February 14th and truly just around the corner.  It’s time to start thinking about a gift for that special someone in your life, whether it’s your husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, best friend, parent, child or nieces and nephews.  Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to tell someone important to you that you love them, and show them how much you care.

Some of the most popular and traditional Valentine’s Day gift ideas are chocolate candy hearts, Valentine’s Day stuffed animals, jewelry, cards, balloons, a dozen red roses, a romantic dinner or tickets to a sporting event…pretty much anything special, thoughtful or romantic.  At, we have a collection of Valentine’s Day stuffed animals that are perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts, whether you ship it to yourself to have ready for Valentine’s Day or you send it to a loved one from afar.  In the top left corner, we have displayed our Love Cubs collection of miniature teddy bears which hold a colorful conversation heart with a sweet Valentine’s message printed upon it.  These tiny bears are great for gifts for kids as well as a decoration to put on the outside of a gift for an adult.

Our Valentine’s Day stuffed animal collection currently has each item discounted to help you purchase the perfect gift for your loved one. We have Yowler, an adorable brown and white hound dog with droopy ears who wears a red bow tied around his neck.  A tiny red dog tag sits under his head which reads, “Forever Yours”.  He’s the perfect gift choice for giving a furry animal to a loved one or significant other.  We also have Lovely the Bear and Honeybunch who are two adorable white teddy bears who also wear red bows around their neck. Lovely holds a red heart.  These two bears are great for anyone you love whether it’s a kid or an adult. 

Checkout these lovable, huggable stuffed animals below…

Hoping that someone sends YOU one of these furry love animals this Valentine’s Day?  Someone just might!  Do your part and send a huggable animal to someone special this Valentine’s Day and truly make them feel loved!