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Themed Bridal Shower Invitations

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

When planning a friend’s bridal shower, I was once asked, “What kind of bridal shower are you choosing?”  This was long before my days, and it kind of took me off guard.  “There are different KINDS of bridal showers??”  In a word: Absolutely!  Gone are the days of the traditional bridal showers with a generic wedding or bride and groom genre.  These days, themed bridal showers are some of the most popular bridal events hosted. 

A themed bridal shower is to help the bride, (and possibly groom), receive the gifts they actually need, rather than ten sets of white towels, three toasters and forty bath soaps that they may never use or have to return.  In the past, many couples did not live together prior to their wedding, thus many couples needed common household items to help build a home.  With many of today’s modern couples, they already have formed a home prior to marriage, and may just need a few key things to get on their feet after walking down the aisle.  Themed bridal showers are perfect for these types of situations. 

What type of bridal shower should you host?  Take a look at the fun list below and choose which shower works best for your bride and groom…

Around the Clock Around the clock showers are great for the bride that needs a little bit of everything.  Assign each guest a time of the day to purchase a gift for.  For example, if your time is 8 AM, you may purchase a bathrobe or a set of coffee with mugs.  If your time is 6 PM, you may purchase a silverware set or serving platter.  Open the gifts in order of time from morning to night!

Around the House Around the house showers are great for brides that need specific items for building up specific rooms in their new home.  If one room needs more than others, assign multiple guests to that specific room.  If you have the bedroom, perhaps you’d purchase some lacy lingerie.  If you have the kitchen, perhaps you’d purchase a cooking set or potholders.

Linen & Lingerie Lacy to racy?  This fun shower theme is great for the bride who already has everything.  So instead of spicing up her kitchen, spice up her love life with a linen and lingerie shower.  Guests can purchase towels or bed linens, or spice things up with a nightie or underwear set.  Be sure the bride is comfortable with you giving out her measurements, first!!

Garden & Tools Perfect for those hosting a couples shower for their bridal shower, a garden and tools shower will help the bride AND groom receive gifts before their wedding day.  Ask some guests to bring garden tools and some to bring ‘man’ tools, or your guests can pick and choose which they’d like to bring.  This type of shower is great to help celebrate the happy couple together.

Stock the Kitchen / Stock the Bar If there’s one room in particular that needs help, it may be the bride and groom’s kitchen or bar.  These items can be rather expensive for a newly engaged couple, and your guests will love to help out whether they’re purchasing a mixer, toaster, kitchen utensil set or a bottle of Jack!

Remember when choosing your bridal shower theme to choose a bridal shower invitation to coordinate!  Be sure to choose an invitation that clearly explains your theme so that all guests will know how to participate.  Above are some of our favorite themed bridal shower invitations to coordinate with the themes above!