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Double Envelopes for Wedding Invitations

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Wedding season is well underway!  Each day our wedding specialists receive inquiries questioning the reasons we use different parts of a wedding invitation.  One of the most recently popular inquiries is about the use of a double envelope with a wedding ensemble.

A double envelope wedding ensemble features your invitation, reply card, reception card or accessories tucked into one un-gummed, (not glued), envelope, which is the inner envelope.  If you have chosen to have your inner envelope lined, the inner envelope will be lined as well, not the outer envelope.  The inner envelope is then placed into the outer envelope which is addressed on the front with your guest’s address, stamped and sealed.

Double envelopes were originally invented in an effort to keep your wedding invitation safe when in transit.  In the old days, when someone sent a letter or document to someone far away, there was a large chance that the item would be tattered, worn or littered in transit.  The idea behind having two envelopes was that the outer envelope could then be worn through the mail, but when the guest opened the outer envelope they still had an inner envelope with the wedding ensemble safe and unscorn inside.  With today’s USPS standards, there’s less of a need for a double envelope, and wedding ensembles are quite often being made with only one invitation envelope.  It is more popular that traditional themed wedding invitations will have a double envelope while a contemporary styled invitation will have a single envelope.

Many of our vendors at offer double envelopes including Birchcraft Studios, Embossed Graphics and William Arthur.  Not all invitations are available with a double envelope, so make sure you check with your wedding specialist if you don’t see the option when placing your order. 

Remember when you receive your wedding ensemble that your guest’s formal name goes on the front of the invitation outer envelope.  The guest’s informal name or guest request would be on the front of the inner envelope.  For example, the front of your outer envelope may read, “Mr. James L. Smith”.  The inner envelope would then read, “James Smith and Guest”.  You would also include children’s names on the inner envelope.

Have any other wedding inquiries?  Send them our way!  Our wedding specialists are happy to assist and will help you make sure you have the perfect wedding ensemble for your big day!