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NEW Baby Shower Invitations

Monday, January 17th, 2011

A baby is on the way!  Help the mommy-to-be before her baby’s arrival day by showering her with all of the gifts and baby items she’ll need to take care of her newborn.  From bottles to diapers to toys, outfits and furniture, there’s so many things she’ll need to buy before the baby comes.  Hosting a shower is the perfect way to welcome the baby and make sure that the baby’s parents are prepared.

When planning your friend or family member’s next baby shower, set the scene for your event with an adorable baby shower from our baby shower invitation collection.  We have hundreds of baby shower invitations that will go perfect for your shower, whether the mother is expecting a boy, girl or a surprise!  We also have baby shower invitations for twins and couples showers.

Below are some of our newest and popular baby shower invitations…

baby shower invitationsGirl Diaper Bag Party Invitation by Paper so Pretty This adorable baby shower invitation comes in three fun pieces.  The first piece is a die-cut in the shape of a pink plaid diaper bag.  The bag holds a drawing of a baby bottle, changing mat, baby car keys and pacifier.  The second piece is a die-cut in the shape of a teddy bear wearing a pink outfit.  Once you receive the order, you’ll slide the teddy bear into the open slit of the diaper bag so it looks like she’s hanging outside.  The final piece of this adorable ensemble is a pink satin ribbon that sticks onto the teddy bear’s pin outfit.  All together you’ve got an adorable baby shower invitation, which also gives your guests a few ideas about gifts to bring!  This sweet baby shower invitation is also available in blue, in case the mommy-to-be is having a baby boy!

boy baby shower invitationsOwl Blue Party Invitations by Paper so PrettyGuess whoo’s having a baby boy? This adorable baby shower invitation is perfect for Mommy’s expecting a baby boy.  This flat white invitation features a light blue shaded background with a large brown, yellow and white baby owl on the left side of the card.  He is perched on a tree branch with tiny green leaves, all to the left of your baby shower invitation text.  Expecting a baby girl?  This adorable baby shower invitation also comes in a sweet pink version as well, which features the same style invitation but with a shaded pink background.  The tree the owl sits on blooms with small pink and yellow  flowers along with the tiny green leaves and the baby owl actually has eyelashes, so that you know she’s a baby girl.

gender neutral baby shower invitations Hip Mama Brunette Baby Shower Invitations by Stacy Claire BoydChic and expecting?  This contemporary baby shower invitation is perfect for mothers expecting a girl or a boy.  The card features a white background edged with top and bottom edged lime green borders.  An expecting mommy wearing a black shirt holds onto her baby bump on the left side of the card, while carrying a lime green patterned purse.  The mom wears her chic black sunglasses and ponytail swept to the side.  This fun baby shower invitation is also available in blonde or brunette with shorter hair, to look just like you!

Like what you see?  Check out the entire collection of baby shower invitations at  From boy baby showers to girl baby showers, gender neutral showers or couples showers, there’s a little something for everyone depending on what new arrival you’re expecting!

Valentine’s Day Stickers

Friday, January 14th, 2011

valentine's stickersValentine’s Day is literally one month away!  As you browse at the store you’ll notice the aisles filled with red and pink gifts galore, from candy hearts to stuffed animals and greeting cards. 

One of the most fun Valentine’s Day accessories we sell at InvitationBox is Valentine’s Day Stickers.  These fun round stickers are great for adding a little holiday fun to your return address labels.  Valentine’s Day stickers also will work great as an envelope seal on your Valentine’s Day party envelope.  They also work great for parents working at a bake sale or corporate customers labeling small employee hand-outs during the Valentine month.  Add a sticker to a treat like cookies or a bag of candy, marked with “Amy’s Valentine Treats”, “V-Day Treats by Amy” or “Happy Valentine’s Day from Amy” and have your child hand them out to friends at school.

These Valentine’s Day stickers are made by IB Designs and feature a multitude of Valentine designs for kids and adults in all of your favorite Valentine’s Day colors – red, pink, purple and white!  Choose from formal Valentine sticker designs with monograms, Valentine martinis and dark damask patterns or choose a more whimsical Valentine design with hearts, beads, heart-leafed trees, cartoon characters, cupcakes, sweet candy treats, pets or xo’s. 

Below are some of our most popular and newest Valentine’s Day stickers:

valentine's day stickers

Like the designs you see?  Each one of the above designs, and the many others in our Valentine Sticker Collection have coordinating Valentine’s Day Party Invitations for your Valentine’s Day party.  You still have a month before this fun-loving holiday, so time to start planning that Valentine’s Day Party!

VIP Pass Party Invitations

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

VIP invitationsStep aside, this party area is for me and my special VIP’s!  We’ve all seen the hit MTV show, Sweet 16, where the kids put on these lavish parties for their 15th or 16th birthday parties with all of their family and friends invited.  Some of the parties can seem extreme, (and are), but when you think about it, why shouldn’t your child be treated like a VIP on their special birthday? 

The invitation on the left is one of our most recently popular party invitations for kids, tweens, teens and adults.  The VIP Pass Invitation with Lanyard by Checkerboard is perfect for your teenager’s next exclusive birthday bash.  The invitation features a unique black card stock with rounded corners that actually looks like an official VIP pass at the backstage of a concert or event.  A black and silver lanyard is attached to the top of the card so that your guests can wear the invitation to they event, should you require it for entrance.  The invitations will come assembled however will likely require additional postage for mailing, due to the bulk nature of the black string lanyard.  We suggest taking a fully assembled invitation and envelope to your post office prior to mailing, to ensure proper postage.  Or, save on postage and have your child hand out these fun and unique party invitations at school.

This fun teen invitation is also available with a black stock reply card that offers silver areas for your guests to return a reply.  We also sell the VIP Pass Invitation without the lanyard at a discounted price.  These fun invitations will make each guest feel important like a VIP, and special for being invited to this exclusive event.  You don’t have to invite three hundred guests and drop 50K on this party, like the kids from Sweet 16, but it’s great to get together with a few friends on your birthday and act like the true VIP you are.

Princess Birthday Party Invitations

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

princess invitationsBe princess for a day, and let all of your friends join in on the fun!  Princess parties are one of the most popular girl birthday party themes we sell at  After all, what could be better than being royalty for a day, especially when it’s your birthday?

If you are planning your daughter’s princess party, the possibilities are endless.  Invite your guests to come dressed in their most royal attire or let the kids play dress-up as they arrive.  Have fun princess themed things to do for the kids like pink and purple nail painting, make-up or an arts and crafts project where kids can create their own princess crown to take home with them.  If the kids are playing dress-up, you can split everyone up into groups to put on their very own fairytale play, and the birthday princess gets to decide which play was the best.

Set the scene with a fabulously royal cupcake tower or princess birthday cake, like this one over here on the left.  Serve up other royal treats like pretend tea for a tea party, yummy finger foods like mini-burgers or sandwiches and plenty of candy necklaces and bracelets.

Remember, an invitation will set the bar high for your royal event.  When browsing for the perfect princess party invitation, try one of the invitations below, which are some of our newest princess designs.  The My Royal Castle invitation is perfect for young princesses with it’s whimsical cartoon design which features a faraway scene of a pink and purple princess castle in a land of balloons and confetti.  A beautiful princess wearing a pink gown and a purple crown adorns the left side of the card.  The In A Far Away Land invitation is perfect for a tween princess with it’s magical pink and white scene of a princess castle floating in the clouds with stars shining in the sky. The Princess Pendant invitation is great for older princesses with it’s ornate and sassy diva princess crown, fully adorned with heart pendants fit for her royal highness.  Checkout these fun princess party invitations below…

princess party invitations

Create a really special day for your daughter when she can feel like she’s on top of the world.  Set your party tone with a great princess party invitation and decorate the party scene in pink and purple – the true colors of kid royalty!

NEW Pirate Party Invitations

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Aaargh!  Invite all ‘yer mateys fer some birthday fun full of adventure and endless treasure!  All those who don’t come will have to walk the plank!  IB Designs, our very own brand of graphic designers, has just introduced some adventurous new additions of invitations, round labels and thank you notes to our pirate collection.  Perfect for those in search of treasure, our newest invitations feature whimsical pirate designs for kids all the way up through mature pirate designs for adults.

Our newest pirate designs feature cartoon pirate kid designs with swords, treasure and pirate adventures at sea.  We also have treasure maps where X marks the spot, along with scary pirate ships, dangerous sea creatures and islands with adventure awaiting.  Add some fun pirate-themed text to really make your invitation theme stand out by using words like “Ahoy Mates”, “Booty”, “Walk the Plank”, “Land-Ho” or “Treasure and Adventure”. 

Below are some of our newest designs, but please note, booty is not included!

pirate invitations

Ready to start planning your child’s next pirate bash?  Remember that we also have pirate themed round return address stickers as well as fill-in thank you notes to coordinate with the above pirate designs.  It’s a great way to carry your party theme from your invitation to your envelopes or party favors, as well as send a pirate’s ahoy thank you after your party has ended!  The round stickers work great for return address labels, stickers on goodie bags or tasty treats or as a gift tag on a present for a friend.  The fill-in thank you notes allow your child to send a thank you note in an easy way where they only have  short amount of information to fill out.  Our pirate themed round stickers and fill-ins feature a fun scene or design from your coordinating chosen invitation, to really tie your entire event together.

Don’t wait any longer, start your pirate adventure now with one of our brand new pirate designs.

Video Game Party Invitations

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Gone are the days when playing a video game meant you were a couch potato for hours on end when parents would beg their kids to be active and go play outside!  The new trend with Wii, XBox Kinnect or Guitar Hero games is being interactive while playing your favorite video games.  One of my good friends received an Xbox Kinnect for her birthday and I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun playing a video game before.  We were dancing, jumping over rivers, dodging balls in dodge-ball – all from the comfort of her home in the middle of winter!

One of the most recent party trends for not only kids, but adults too, is to host a video game party!  Gamers with Wii can play games with up to four friends at a time which makes for some great competition and a really fun, active party style.  When guests arrive, they can each take a few minutes to create a mii to play with and you can then break into teams.  Have each team go full-force into competition to battle things out on the Wii or create an entire band with a game like Guitar Hero.  Serve up some snacks for everyone to enjoy while they’re waiting and then place bets on who will be the video game champion.

One of our newest party invitations is the Video Game Party Invitation by Paper so Pretty, shown below.  This really fun and vibrant video game party invitation features a black background of neon zig-zags, lines and dots.  A large blue flat screen TV adorns the center of the card for your invitation text, which is printed in traditional old-school computer-style font.  Three kids holding video game controllers adorn the bottom of the card.  Checkout this super-cute invitation at InvitationBox!

Girl Themed Party Invitations

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

It’s great to be a girl!  And not just ANY girl, but a girly-girl!  Spending hours at the salon, shopping with girlfriends for the latest trends, staying up late talking with your best friends until the wee hours of the morning.  You wear make-up, tease your hair, have more shoes in your closet than jeans AND know exactly what to say to get just about anything you want! 

Celebrate just how much being a girl ROCKS at your next bridal, birthday or mandatory-girl-time event!  Paper so Pretty is one of our most modern vendors that clearly watches the fashion trends of our girliest customers.  They deliver chic, sassy and stylish party invitations to help you add a little sass to your upcoming party.  Paper so Pretty has introduced several brand new invitations to their spring collection which truly embody what it means to be a girl in today’s modern world.   Whether you’re celebrating a wedding with a bachelorette party, hosting a cocktail party, throwing a pool party get together for your birthday or hosting a girls night out with your besties, these new designs will have your guests out shopping for a new little black dress quicker than you know it!

If you look below, you’ll see some of the brand new designs that Paper so Pretty has to offer.  The pink tankini card features a hot pink bikini with a wiggler bikini top that makes it move about.  The pink limo card with cocktails is great for a girls night where drinks, dancing and fun are the main scene!  If you are ready to glam things up a bit before your wedding, the heel and cocktail party invitation is fun, vibrant and perfect for a bachelorette with a wedding ring in a cocktail glass next to a zebra high heel!  Totally into the zebra thing?  The glamorous girls night out invite combines pink with zebra and cheetah print along with a die-cut wiggler of a high heel and martini.

Looking at the invitations above, aren’t you ready to start planning your girls night?  Think about the last time you took time out of your busy schedule and spent the day or evening with your best girlfriends.   Take a break, relax and get ready to have fun by kicking off your next girls night with a fabulous invitation to match!

Valentine’s Day Party Invitations

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

valentine's day party invitationsYou’ve been hit by the love bug!  Valentine’s Day is a little over a month away and it’s never too early to start planning.  If you’re thinking about hosting a Valentine’s Day party it’s time to start browsing for your Valentine’s Day party invitations as they’ll need to be sent out about three weeks before your event.

Outside of when I was a child at school, I haven’t been to many Valentine’s Day parties in my adult years.  But when you think about it, having a Valentine’s Day party is a great party idea and creates a really fun party decor or theme.  Valentine’s Day parties are perfect if your group of friends are all single and well, ready to mingle!  Or, if everyone is coupled up, it’s a great way to spend time with friends and celebrate love.  Since the hustle and bustle of the holiday season will be over, it’s a great time to plan a get-together.

Our Valentine’s Day party invitations are unique, sassy, sultry and romantic – the perfect style to put your guests in the ‘mood’ for your party!  If you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day cocktail party, we have an adorable Two Hearts Martini invitation by IB Designs that features a dark red background and a black silhouette of a martini glass with two heart olives.  For something a bit more formal, like a sit-down romantic dinner with friends, our newest Valentine’s Day invitations include filigree background designs in pink and red with ornate heart designs  at the top for an elegant presentation.  Or, if you’re planning a Valentine’s Day party for the kids, we have the most vibrant, whimsical and fun kids Valentine’s Day party invitations which feature classic V-Day hearts, conversation hearts, pink and red stripes, cupcakes, candy and xoxo themes.  Below are some of our favorite and most popular Valentine’s Day party designs…

valentines party invitations

Not sure how to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day party?  Below are some great Valentine’s Day party tips to help you plan the perfect party…

Food – Do something fun like chocolate fondue or a chocolate tasting party.  For kids, make heart and cupid shaped sugar cookies and let kids frost and decorate with sparkly sprinkles, edible pearls and colorful icing.

Drinks – For adults, offer your guests red or blush wine to go with the occasion.  Or, concoct your own love ‘potion’ or martini to make your own signature love drink.  For kids, serve up a fun bowl of punch made with red or pink fruit juices and a fizzy soda like 7-Up.

Fun – Play matchmaker and give each guest details about another guest at the party…without their name.  During the party each guest will try to find out who they’ve been matched up with –  great conversation starter and ice breaker!  For kids, have each guest make their own mailbox out of a tissue box or large envelope and distribute valentines during the party.  Prize for the best Valentines!

Decorations – Local party supply stores can be expensive if you choose patterned or copyrighted designs, however with Valentine’s Day, it’s really easy to create a beautifully decorated party room with just a few simple color combinations at really affordable prices.  Choose a red table cloth, pink and purple napkins and silverware and scatter the tables with Valentine’s Day glitter.  You can event use paper doilies to create coasters and heart back-drops.  Hang up red or heart patterned streamers and balloons.  Simple, but fun and decorative!

Can’t wait to start planning?  Us either!  Checkout our entire Valentine’s Day Collection of invitations, greeting cards, Valentines and stickers at!

Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

It’s amazing what one little invitation can inspire!  Just think when you choose your wedding colors, you transform ordinary colors, (like aqua and chocolate, shown  here), into an entire wedding ensemble and scenery!  When I was planning my wedding, I had no idea what wedding colors would work for my fiance and I.  I started browsing the web and stumbled upon an invitation blog whose post truly inspired me and gave me some great ideas for my own wedding.  It’s amazing what can happen when you start with a splash of color.  This amazing invitation to the left is one of the newest wedding invitations on our website.  It’s called The Wave Invitation by Checkerboard. This unique invitation features a shimmering aqua jacket with swirling aqua and chocolate accents throughout the cover jacket, as well as following through to the inside ivory page(s) of the invitation.  A smooth satin ribbon ties the ensemble together for elegant presentation.  Your text prints on the inside ivory and aqua detailed pages and extra pages are available for additional information and reply card.  This modern invitation is class and contemporary style at it’s best!

Remember when you’re choosing your invitation ensemble that your wedding invitation sets the tone for your entire event.  It gives your guests a preview of what to expect ahead, as well as lets them know the formality of your event.  Your wedding invitation says something about you and your groom-to-be as a couple, whether you’re classic, reserved, sophisticated, chic, stylish and/or fun!  Below, you’ll see a little collage of wedding items I put together to show brides just how easy it is to take 2 colors and swirl themes and totally incorporate them into your wedding planning.  A simple aqua and chocolate invitation has inspired a four-tiered wedding cake with aqua ribbons and a vining chocolate pattern.  A bouquet of white and aqua dyed daisies makes for a beautiful floral arrangement along with a chocolate ribbon to tie both colors together.  You can even work your wedding colors into your wedding reception linens as a nice alternative to the traditional white or ivory.

aqua wedding invitations

Remember that this is your big day!  The sky is the limit and any color can work for your wedding, as long as it’s about you and your groom!  Some of the most unique color combinations can really transform a traditional wedding into an event with a chic, stylish and contemporary edge. 

Remember, while the above collage is full of vibrant color, don’t feel intimidated if it’s a bit too much for you to work your wedding colors into every aspect of your wedding day.  If you’re a more traditional couple or prefer a design that is simple and classy, try choosing only one wedding accent color and subtly adding it into your wedding details, like a few spots in your bridal bouquet, a colored ribbon on the back of a reception chair or a splash of color on a table centerpiece.  Modern or classic, this is your day, let it be perfect for you!

wedding invitations