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Graduation Party Invitations

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

graduation party invitationsSay it isn’t so, is it really graduation season again?!  Well, not really, but before you know it your son or daughter’s graduation will be upon you.  What a great milestone for you and your child to share and commemorate!  Our vendors are working hard to create modern, chic and innovative new graduation party invitation and graduation announcement designs.  Now is a great time to begin browsing our graduation collection to start narrowing down the perfect graduation invitation choice.

Knowing that the plethora of choices we offer can be a bit overwhelming, we have completely revamped our graduation section to include sections that allow you to narrow down your choices.  You can search by gender specific graduation invitations, class of 2011 themes, school colors, photo graduation cards, cap & gown themes or professions, (dental, medical, MBA/Grad, Law or nursing).  Each category has been specifically selected for your son or daughter’s interests with a wide variety of styles from formal and elegant to chic, stylish and casual.  The image in the top left corner of this blog was taken from one of our brand new graduation invitations, the Glamour Grad Group by Doc Milo…perfect for the fashion-bound grad!

Below are some of our newest and favorite graduation party invitation designs…

graduation invitations

Remember that graduation season can be a very busy time for your family as long as for other families with graduates.  Party dates can cross or be double booked!  We suggest sending your graduation party invitations out approximately 3-6 weeks prior to your party to make sure that all of your guests can attend and plan their other parties accordingly.  This will mean that you will want to order your graduation party invitations about three weeks prior to your mailing date.  This will give you two weeks to order, personalize, proof and receive your invitations, as well as a week to address, stuff, seal and mail the invitations. 

So when you think about it, graduation season has just about arrived!  Pick out the perfect graduation party invitation to commemorate your child’s very important day – the beginning of the rest of their life!