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Kids Pool Party Invitations

Monday, February 14th, 2011

pool party invitationsEverything is better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea!  Thinking about planning a deep sea adventure for your child’s next birthday party?  For those of us in warm weather locations or simply those of us that love to plan ahead for the upcoming warm months, make sure you have the invitations (and flippers) to coordinate for your child’s next birthday party summertime event! 

The designers at IB Designs are working hard this spring season to create brand new summer themed kids birthday party invitations so that your children can have the coolest invitations on the block!

The adorable kids party invitation here on the left is the Pink Deep Sea Adventure Invitation by IB Designs.  This colorful masterpiece features a vibrant blue background of colorful coral and seaweed, just waiting for an under the sea adventurer to come and discover!  A blonde little girl in a pink bathing suit and flippers adorns the top of the card wearing a pink snorkel mask and carrying a pink starfish.  Two tiny fish swim along with her for the exploration!  This card is great for kids summer pool parties or trips to an aquarium.  We also carry the invitation the Blue Deep Sea Adventure, (boy version), too!   Match this fun kids party invitation with a coordinating fill-in thank you note or a pink deep sea sticker which you can use as a return address label, party favor tag or envelope seal. 

Looking for different options on your child’s next summer or pool party?  Below are some of our brand new kids party invitations that are great for kids summer events or warm-weather locations, featuring kids passing a beach ball back and forth in a pool, little kid swimmers, furry friends floating and an under-the-sea adventure with your favorite ocean friends…

pool party invitations