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Vegas Party Invitations

Monday, February 21st, 2011

las vegas invitationsWhat happens in Vegas – Stays in Vegas!  One of the hottest trends in party themes and invitations is Vegas themed party invitations!  There’s really no better way to have all guests geared up and excited for a party than a night out at a local casino full of drinks, food, games and wildly good times!  We’ve even seen engaged couples choose Las Vegas or Casino themed invitations for their wedding, whether they’re eloping or simply incorporating the casino theme into their fun-filled wedding events.

Some of our brand new invitations truly encompass the Las Vegas party theme while picturing Las Vegas signs, roulette wheels, poker chips, playing cards, rolling dice or ticket stubs.  We even have formal Vegas themed invitations which are made to look like a large playing card, detailed with your event information.  These casino themed invitations range from casual, fun and affordable with flat and digital prints to flashy, extravagant, expensive and luxurious with thermography printing and highly detailed graphics on specialized papers.  So whatever style Vegas event you’re hosting, your invitation will coordinate.

Below are some of our most popular and new Las Vegas themed party invitations

vegas invitations

Planning your own Vegas themed event, (rather than taking a flight to sin-city)?  Remember that many local vendors can help you create your own casino in your own home!  Give each guest play chips as they arrive and set up card and game tables for all to play.  Host a raffle if you have the gambling types that want to leave with a large prize!  Or, take the group out on a casino cruise or head to the local casino to see if the cards are in your hands that night! 

Everybody loves a casino party and everyone wants to get lucky!  Set the scene  for your next party with a Vegas themed event that nobody will ever forget, (though they may want to depending on how wild things get)!