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NEW Lingerie Shower Invitations

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

lingerie shower invitationsIt can be something sexy, or it can be something sweet.  No matter what, it just needs to sweep the groom off of his feet!  Lingerie showers can be one of the most fun showers a bride can have and she’ll be likely to receive some gifts that she may not normally purchase for herself.  Clothing the bride for each night of her honeymoon can also be really fun and adventurous!

With our spring releases of brand new invitations, our vendors have included several brand new lingerie shower invitations that will turn the heat up on your typical bridal shower.  The image to the left of this blog was taken from a brand new Noteworthy Collections invitation, called the Little Black Nightie Pink.  This sexy invitation features a bride wearing a black nightie with fishnet stockings.  She wears her engagement ring and carries an empty martini glass in her left hand as she struts her stuff.  Completely sassy, chic and sexy – just like the bride to be!

Remember that your chosen lingerie shower invitation will give your guests and idea of what type of lingerie the bride is in need of.  If you’re looking for racy and sexy, the above invitation is perfectly appropriate.  However if the bride has a more conservative, lace, linen and pretty lingerie preference, you may want to choose a more subtle lingerie shower invitation which showcases a more simple design or a card with multiple types of lingerie for a variety of items depending on her mood that day.  You’ll also want to check with the bride to make sure she is comfortable with you giving out her measurements to guests to assist them in purchasing the correct lingerie sizes.  Nobody wants lingerie 10 sizes too big, but at the same time, a tight outfit can make for an uncomfortable outfit, and anyone wearing lingerie wants to look their best.  We typically say to spread the bride’s sizes by word of mouth, however if she is comfortable, you may print it in the corner of your invitation, small.

Below are some of our brand new lingerie shower invitations that will get your heart racing…

lingerie invitations