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Pluralization and Possession when using Last Names

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

It’s etiquette Tuesday!  As a writer, I try to pay attention to customers orders and phone calls to take notice of what people have questions on or what typical errors we tend to see trending on invitations and stationery products.  One of the most common errors we see used is the pluralization of last names.  It seems like a very easy thing to do…just add an “s”, right?  This is not always the case.

When you start thinking about last names like the Smiths, the Jacksons, the Connells, adding an “s” to the end of the name is sufficient.  However, when you have a last name that ends in s, x, ch, sh or z, things can become a bit more complicated.  For these names, you will need to add an “es” thus creating the Joneses, the Marxes, the Busches, or the Gomezes.  Adding an apostrophe does not make a plural, it then implies ownership and should not be used.

If you are trying to show possession, or ownership, this can also be tricky.  Creating possession is necessary through the use of an apostrophe.  In other words, you may stop by the Smiths’ house to see the Cullens’ new baby.

Next time you personalize your return address label or sign a letter from your entire family, think about what you are writing and find out if you’ve been writing it correctly for all of these years.  It will amaze you to find out you may have been adding the apostrophe in the wrong place or pluralizing your family name wrong. Take a stand for etiquette and start writing it correctly from now on!

St. Patrick’s Day Invitations

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Feeling lucky today?  St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17, 2011 and when you think about it, it’s just about a month away!  Time in 2011 is flying by, and if you don’t pause to find a shamrock, you just might miss it!  Add a fun theme to your March event with a St. Patrick’s Day party theme!  Whether you’re Irish or simply feel lucky when you hold the color green, St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday for all. 

Our vendors have worked hard to introduce brand new designs for those in need of St. Patrick’s day party invitations.  Whether you need a St. Patrick’s Day invite for a corporate party invitation, bachelor party invitation, cocktail party invitation or a girl’s night out invitation, there’s a little something for everyone, whether you’re interested in beer, shamrocks or sporting your Irish pride!  Below are some of our newest and favorite St. Patty’s Day invites…

irish stout invitationsIrish Stout Invitation – Bottom’s up!  This fun beer-lover’s invitation features a vibrant green background screened lightly with shaded green shamrocks and flourish designs in a fun swirl pattern.  A tall pilsner glass of Irish stout adorns the left side of the card with a fun Irish established print on the side of the glass.  Personalize the text on the glass, as well as your invitation wording on this fun green invitation.  You can also add a fun coordinating reply card or St. Patrick’s Day sticker to create one full Irish ensemble.

girl st patricks day invitationsSt. Patrick’s Day Girl Invitation – Sassy yet sweet, this fun St. Patrick’s Day invitation features a light green background with large polka dots and shamrocks screened throughout.  A red-headed Irish girl in a traditional Irish outfit adorns the left side of the card, holding a mug of green beer!  Perfect for girls hosting a St. Patrick’s Day girl’s night out or a bachelorette party, this fun invite celebrates how great it is to be an Irish girl!  Pair your party invitation with a coordinating square sticker to use as wine labels, envelope seals or return address labels.

irish clover invitationsClover Invitation – Need something a bit more sophisticated?  Perfect for those hosting a formal March event or a corporate outing, this flat white invitation embraces your Irish heritage in an elegant manner.  This card features a rich green background with a white silhouette of a clover patch in the bottom left corner of the invitation.  Pair the invitation with a coordinating reply card which features the same clover design with the colors flip-flopped with a white background and green clovers.  Add a square envelope seal to tie the ensemble together.

Feeling a little green?  Check out our entire St. Patrick’s Day Invitation collection at!

Beat the Snow with a Beach Party Invitation

Friday, February 4th, 2011

beach invitationsFeeling a little crabby?  Got the winter blues?  Being in North Carolina, we’ve been very lucky to slide under the radar with all of the winter snowstorms that have been flying across the middle and eastern parts of the US…and we know that our customers buried under foot after foot of snow are looking forward to the warmer weather that’s approaching in the coming months! 

Start planning ahead for your spring or summer fling!  There’s no better way to beat the cabin fever than a vibrant, fun beach or summer themed party for your next birthday party, bridal shower or cocktail party.  At, our vendor start planning for the seasons months ahead of time to make sure you have the best invitation choices available.  In the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing a plethora of brand new invitations for the spring and summer seasons, like some of the invitations you see at the bottom of this blog post. 

The first invitation shown is the Crab Invitation from Checkerboard.  This beachy invite is printed on orange clementine card shimmer card stock and features an adorable crab motif at the top, which is printed in the ink color chosen for your text.  This invite is great for seafood boils, summer get-togethers or rehearsal dinners.  Looking for something for the kids?  A favorite for all is the Beach Bucket Invitation from Paper so Pretty.  This adorable kids beach party invitation is in the die-cut shape of a beach bucket in the sand, which is full of sandcastle toys and a fun red cartoon crab!  No worries, this crab does not bite!  Need something a bit more chic and sassy?  Paper so Pretty also makes a brand new Pink Tankini Invitation which features a girl floating in a pool wearing a pink tankini.  The pink top to the bathing suit is actually a die-cut wiggler card which makes it wiggle and jiggle as she floats about.

pool party invitations

Ready to head for the beach?  We are too!  Just as soon as that pesky snow melts away! Start planning your text beach outing early and make sure you have the perfect invitation for your spring or summertime event!

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

It’s time to iron out the kinks before the big day arrives!  Rehearsal Dinners are typically held the day prior to your wedding, right after your ceremony rehearsal at your church or ceremony site.  It’s a great way to relax after the stress of the wedding planning and rehearsal and prepare for your big day.

Rehearsal dinners are typically celebrated with the bride and groom, family members, close friends and wedding party.  It has also become more popular to invite out of town guests to the rehearsal dinner to provide them with a meal after their possible long travels. 

Typically the groom’s parents host a rehearsal dinner, as the bride’s parents host the wedding.  When planning your rehearsal dinner, talk with your hosts about what you envisioned and pool your ideas together.  You can make it formal and flashy or casual and relaxing – the choice is yours, however you do not want to “out-do” your wedding.  Your rehearsal dinner should not feel like your actual wedding.  Do something fun and choose a theme for your rehearsal dinner, whether it’s a beach theme, seafood boil, Italian theme or a wine theme.  Or, choose something more simple with a nice dinner at a favorite restaurant of the bride and groom.

Choose a rehearsal dinner invitation that coordinates with your theme or rehearsal dinner style.  The above invitation, Toasts and Good Cheer by Red Leaf Papers, is perfect for those without a specific rehearsal dinner theme, who are simply hosting a nice get-together for dinner for their guests.  It’s contemporary, stylish and also comes in multiple colors.  If you’re looking for something more specific, check out some of our most popular rehearsal dinner invitations below, whether you’re looking for an Italian, seafood or dinner theme…

Your bridal party will likely be expecting your rehearsal dinner invitation, thus sending the invitation out about three weeks prior to the rehearsal dinner is acceptable.  You can include information about the church rehearsal on your invitation or leave it out, depending on whether or not all guests are attending both the rehearsal and the dinner.  When planning your rehearsal dinner, it may be a nice time for the bride and groom to present their wedding party with their gifts, as well as give a gift to the parents of the bride and groom.  Make the party special while also relaxing, as you have one BIG day ahead of you!

Kids Rock Climbing Party Invitations

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

rock climbing party invitationsRace you to the top!  Kids rock climbing parties are becoming more and more popular with the kiddie crowd nowadays.  Perfect for kids ages 5 – 10, these fun interactive parties are a great way to get all of the kids at the party involved and doing physical activity.  Many health clubs offer rock climbing walls, and you may also have a rock climbing center near you that you haven’t discovered yet.  There are even some companies that will bring a rock climbing wall to your very own back yard!

When planning your text rock climbing party, start with an invitation that will have everyone ready for your great party, like the Kid Climbers Party Invitation by Paper so Pretty shown on the left.  This fun invitation features boy and girl climbers on their way up to the top of a rock climbing wall.  This particular invitation is great if you’re having a kids party with boys and girls attending.

Our other rock climbing invitations are perfect for active kids parties.  Choose from cards from Inviting Company and SanLori Designs for fill-in invitations, wiggler cards and cartoon invitations that would have any kid geared up for a fun rock climbing party.  Check out some of our rock climbing party invitations below…

rock climbing invitations

When sending out your rock climbing invitations, remember that you will likely need to include  a waiver form with each invitation.  Also remind your guests to wear the proper rock climbing attire and foot gear.  You may want to also ask extra parents to attend to keep the climbers safe and watched while others are climbing.

Response Card Etiquette

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Let’s be honest…just how bad are you at RSVP’ing???  In today’s modern society which is so technology focused, a lot of us would rather send a text than calling someone to RSVP.  But the truth is, when you’re hosting a wedding, RSVP cards are essential in figuring out just how many people are attending your big day.  With so many weddings being large nowadays, nobody wants 150 people calling to RSVP on any given day.  A hand-written snail-mail reply card is the easiest way to keep your wedding attendees organized.

Most wedding ensembles have coordinating reply cards that match your wedding invitation.  However, some vendors do not carry their own reply cards.  It is then fully acceptable for you to choose a generic reply card in the card stock color of your invitation ensemble or for you to choose a reply card with a detailed border or accent, like the card above. 

When writing your reply card text, be consistent with the formality of wording used on your wedding invitation.  In other words, if you wrote out your date formally on the invitation, you should do the same on your reply card, with the exception of writing the year, as you have already stated it on your invitation.  Set your reply-by date for about 2-3 weeks before your wedding date, keeping in mind the date your caterers need to know head counts and specific food requests.  You’ll want to set your reply-by date to be about a week prior to your caterer’s requested date as you will likely need to contact guests that did not reply to you.

When wording your reply card, a traditional response card will have the following…

-request to reply
-reply-by date
-line for guest’s name
-options for guest to attend/not attend
– meal choices -*optional

In looking at the above reply card, the “M________________________” line is for your guest to write who is attending or not attending the wedding.  This line will also indicate to you how many guests are attending.  “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” obviously indicates two guests, where “Ms. Smith” indicates just one guest.  When writing the attending options, stick to phrases like “____will attend / ____will not attend” or “____accepts with pleasure / ____declines with regret”.  Do not use phrases like “will_____attend”.  Guests will not know whether to write yes or no on this line or to put a check mark.  And then what does that mean to you when you receive it? 

The idea behind a reply card is to help your guests convey information to you in a clear and concise manner.  When you receive your replies, it’s a great idea to organize them by name  and hold onto them throughout your wedding planning process, especially if you have meal requests on the reply cards!