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Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

bridal shower invitation etiquetteMarch has begun and that can only mean one thing – wedding fever has started!  It’s time to start thinking about planning your late spring/early summer bridal shower and pick the perfect invitation to match.  I speak with bridal shower hosts almost every day and it has surprised me lately at the misconceptions about how long bridal shower invitations should be sent before your event.  The typical timeline for sending a bridal shower invitation is about 2-3 weeks before your shower.  You can send your invitations out a bit longer if you have out-of-town guests who may need to plan travel arrangements, but 2-3 weeks is typically sufficient. 

Rumor has it lately that bridal shower invitations need to be sent out 6-8 weeks ahead which is certainly not the case.  A wedding invitation should be sent 6-8 weeks ahead, along with any formal party invitation.  Your bridal shower invitation should never compete with your wedding invitation and you certainly don’t want your guests forgetting about your event!  A simple 3 week timeline will be great for your guests to plan on attending your bridal shower.  Set your RSVP date for about a week before your event, or slightly more if you have caterers who will need a firm number for who is attending.

Make sure you choose the bridal shower invitation that best coordinates with the bride’s style.  If you are having a themed shower, whether it’s a lingerie shower, around the house shower or an around the clock shower, make sure your bridal shower invitation encompasses that theme.  It’s a great way to get all guests on board with your party theme and to ensure the gifts brought to the shower are useful by the bride-to-be.

Below are some of our newest bridal shower invitation designs…

bridal shower invitations

When wording your bridal shower invitation, be sure to include what type of shower you are hosting, as well as the bride’s name.  If some of the guests are on the groom’s side, and may not know the bride’s name, you may want to put “fiancee of ____________” after her name, to avoid any confusion.  Include the party date, party time and location as well as the RSVP if necessary.  You may also want to include the location(s) of the bride’s registry to assist guests in purchasing wanted gifts for the bride and groom.  If you’re not comfortable in printing this information on your invitation, you can always print it on a small insert to be included in your invitation’s envelope. 

Have fun when planning the bride-to-be’s bridal shower.  This is such an exciting time in her life, and she’ll be so excited to celebrate with her family and friends.