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2011 Graduation Party Invitations

Monday, March 21st, 2011

graduation invitationsHats off you you, graduate!  Believe it or not, graduation season is right around the corner!  Pretty soon you’ll be ordering your son or daughters cap and gown for graduation, taking those famous graduation photos that you’ll cherish for years to come and start thinking about how you’ll want to celebrate all of your son or daughter’s accomplishments.  A graduation is a special time for both the student and the parent, as everyone’s hard work and persistence has finally paid off and a new chapter of life will be beginning.

When thinking about your child’s upcoming graduation, you may want to send out graduation invitations, graduation announcements or maybe BOTH!  Graduation announcements are great for out of town friends, family and relatives with whom you’d love to share the good news, but don’t expect them to drive from afar to attend the graduation ceremony or a party.  It’s a great way to keep in touch and send an update to them, as well as include a photograph of the graduating senior.  A graduation announcement can be simple, informing the recipient that the student has or will be graduating, as well as including the graduation date, location and possibly even noting the student’s to-be attending college or university.

If you’d rather invite everyone to your graduation event, your graduation party invitation can easily double as an invitation and an announcement.  Inform your guests in your wording that your child has graduated and then invite them to celebrate their commencement afterwards!  If guests live too far away or cannot attend, they’ll still know they were thought of with the invitation and also be informed about the big graduation day.  We have changed our website a little bit this graduation season, to help our customers when browsing for the perfect graduation invitation.  As there are so many choices for the perfect invitation, we’ve broken everything down into sections for you from girl/boy graduation to class of 2011, school colors, photos or career specific icons, symbols and logos. 

Below are some of our most popular graduation party invitations and graduation announcements this 2011 graduation season…

graduation invitations