Girl Birthday Party Invitations

girl birthday invitationsIt’s great to be a girl!  There’s nails to paint, hair to be done, shoes to wear, places to shop and plenty of time to play dress-up!  Isn’t it funny how as a child we were always trying to be so grown-up and imitate exactly what our mother’s did?  And now that we’re adults, we all just want to back to being a kid again!!  Life has a funny way of telling us that the grass is always greener on the other side, and sometimes we forget simply how great and fun it is to just be a girl!

If you think back to being a kid, one of your favorite times of year was certain to be your birthday month, and the days leading up to your birthday seemed so long because you were so excited.  I remember planning my birthday party themes months in advance.  Ask your child, and I’m sure they are already planning their birthday which is six months from now!

Help you daughter celebrate her birthday and how fun it is to be a little girl!  Our designers spend hours researching what trends are popular among kids these days and have created some really great new invitations this spring season that truly expand our fun children’s party invitation collections.  From mermaid invitations to invitation designs with princesses, western cowgirls, bounce houses, candy, pirates, roller skating, swimming and cupcakes, there’s a brand new party invitation just awaiting your baby girl’s next birthday party.  Many of our designers have also introduced multi-cultural and different hair colors into their designs so that your invitation choice can look exactly like your daughter.  Not everybody has blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin, and we think it’s important for your child’s personality and style to be reflected directly into their chosen party invitations.

Below are some of our newest girl birthday party invitation designs which we think you’re bound to love! 

girl birthday party invitations

Ready to start planning your child’s next party?  Checkout the entire girl birthday party invitation collection at!

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