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Response Card Etiquette

Monday, March 28th, 2011

response cardsWe’ve just about reached spring which can only mean one thing, it’s party planning season again!  I do my best to compile all of our customers most popular questions and share them with our blog readers because in the invitation world, there’s a rhyme and a reason for every detail on your invitation or ensemble pieces. 

When composing a response card, you’ll need to have a few key details – the request for your guest to reply, a date in which to respond by, a place for the guest to insert their name and a choice for whether or not the guest will be attending.  Set your reply-by date for about 2-3 weeks before your event, if it is formal.  Keep in mind that some guests may not reply or may reply late, thus you want to give yourself a few days between your reply-by date and your caterer’s requested date to contact anyone who has not responded.

When giving your guests options on whether or not they are attending, we typically suggest “____will attend / ____will not attend” or “____accepts with pleasure / ____declines with regret”.  We do not advise printing “____Number of persons” on your reply card unless you’re welcoming your guests to fill in any number of guests that they’d like to bring along with them.  We suggest being specific and giving clear and concise choices to your guests, which will make your life easier in the long run.

Some people may even want to include meal choices on their response card if they are having a formal sit-down dinner and need to inform their caterers ahead of time of the number of meals to be provided, and which selections have been chosen.  Don’t feel intimidated if you need to do this.  The response cards we show online mainly do not show meal choice options, however remember that most of the time, nothing is pre-printed on our response cards.  If you need to insert meal choice options, this extra information may certainly be added.  When adding meal choices, we suggest being somewhat generic, in an effort to save space, thus listing your choices as “____chicken marsala / ____ prime rib / ____ lobster” rather than a full detailed list of the dish.  If you prefer to give a full listing and description of the entree, do so on a separate card included with the entree selections.

Remember to put your name and address on the front of your reply card envelopes, as well as pre-stamp them for your guests so that they can fill out the reply and return it to you promptly.  You will need your name on the reply card envelope for postal regulations, as well as some guests may wish to include a small note with your reply card and would need to know who they are writing to.

Got any other burning etiquette questions? Send them my way!  I am always happy to help you portray your important event information in a clear, concise and etiquettely correct manner.