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Kitchen Shower Invitations

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

kitchen shower invitationsLet’s mix things up a little!  Traditional bridal showers are great; but for the bride who has everything already, sometimes you need a more specific shower theme to help the bride receive what she really needs, whether it’s lingerie, linens or kitchen utensils!  Themed bridal showers are increasingly popular with brides today, so make sure you check with the bride-to-be before planning her shower to accommodate her needs and chic bridal shower style!

Stock-the-kitchen bridal showers are one of the most popular themed bridal showers today, and has the perfect kitchen shower invitations to help you coordinate your entire event!   Our kitchen shower invitations feature modern designs for the modern bride featuring sleek and colorful silhouettes, mixers, patterns made of kitchen utensils and posh kitchen scenes.  We even have recipe kitchen shower invitations which feature a cut-off bottom part of the invitation to give to the bride as her very own recipe cards!

Below are some of our brand new kitchen shower invitations which will help set the scene for your fun kitchen shower.  Remember to list the bride’s registry on the invitation so that your bride doesn’t end up with three mixers, four toasters and eighteen spatulas!!

stock the kitchen shower invitations

Don’t forget about the wishing well!  One of the more popular themes you’ll see within a stock the kitchen bridal shower is adding the words “Wishing Well” to the bottom of the invitation.  This means your guests will each bring a small gift item, (typically in the $2.00 – $10.00 range), to put inside a large basket, or well, to compile one large gift for the bride.  If the shower is kitchen themed, guests will bring one small kitchen utensil, like a whisk, spatula, potholders, magnets or grater.  It’s a great way to give the bride a few extra gadgets for her new kitchen!